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Default win 10

having been in the insider program for win 10 ,

i have allready had to clear out my pc completly twice.

This means removing all devices from mainbord, clearing cmos, maybe even reflashing bios to be sure.

then unpowering it completly for at least 30 seconds. this means physically disconnect from power net and let it drain.

reconnect all devices and power and reinstall the latest win 10 clean from scratch.

and if that don't work you have to also save all your data to some "off pc" device, clean out all diskpartitions (this means removing all partitioning info, also the invisible partitions, total wipe, of every disk connected !!) to set them in a clean state aswell. Do all the above again.

Don't overclock, and you will find the fresh install working like a charm.
and even better when you use a dreaded microsoft account.

Yes this is total hijacking user comfort (and privacy) but that's how it is.
My notion is that MS messes with the firmware and it's nv ram. a too quick a shutdown or a simple power outage can be enough to mess things up good. overclocking a system only makes win 10 more susceptible.
problems may not be apparent at first but how the hardware gets configured low level gets messed up too quickly. This is not mentioning our beloved favorite spyagencies with all their wonderfull hackwarez.

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