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Originally Posted by MaelstromOC View Post
The mic is greatly improved if it's sitting basically on my mouth... I find this to be unacceptable honestly.

I don't understand how calling a microphone noise cancelling can be a truth if it's simply so insensitive that it CAN'T pick up any noise to actually cancel out... seems like a bit of a misdirection to me.

I don't understand why they wouldn't add a boost feature or even just increase the sensitivity of the mic as an OPTION to users who would like to use it. Those who don't want to use it can simply choose not to.

I'm hopeful some sort of boost will be added. I got the VOID wireless set as a replacement for my g930 because the g930 has so many issues with crackling audio to me, but the mic was superb. Now with the VOID, the mic is iffy at best, but the audio is superb lol. I feel like I can't win!

I have to agree with the above 100%.

I am very impressed with Corsair products in general.
I have an 800D case, a 650D case, Two H100i water coolers. Corsair Commander Mini, Multiple Corsair Fans, Two AX1200i PSU's, a Strafe RGB and K70 keyboard, a mouse mat, an M65 and M65Pro RGB mouse ... and now a Void Wirerless RGB Headset.
I have spent a fair amount of my money on Corsair products as you can see above. I am even thinking of buying your Memory and SSD now because of the Overal Quality of your products.

I really like this lots of features on this Void Wireless RGB Headset. The Build Quality, Comfort Level and fit, the RGB led's look great , Control buttons on the headset. The infomic. Obviously I was impressed as I bought one.

I realise this is a new product, but there are 4 things that really let this headset down in my opinion. This is the first time I have felt I have had to complain about a Corsair product.

(1). My major complaint. The mic is terrible. It is almost completely useless on my headset. I practically have to push the mic onto my lips / eat my mic to get it to work with acceptable volume. Please get some form of software fix to boost the audio pickup. The sound quality of the mic on my headset is awful. I sound like an "airline pilot speaker" when using this mic. Can this be improved using software somehow?

(2). The Wireless USB receiver Stick for the headset has a very bright white LED light which is really annoying when plugged into the USB feedthrough port on my Strafe Keyboard. Is there any way the firmware could be updated so that it is possible to turn the light off?

(3). Is there any way to adjust the left/right audio balance on the VOID headset please? This is really important for users with hearing loss disability in one ear. They need to be able to adjust volume level in one side of headset speaker versus the other. Inability to adjust the volume balance on the headset, means they are effectively single earphone, there is no ability to experience "stereo".

(4). Although I have to update the Firmware on this wireless headset by connecting it via a USB data cable, I am unable to use the USB data cable connection to listen to audio. I am unable to use the Wireless headset with wireless turned off /without using the USB wireless receiver using a USB connection. Why is this? Could this not be fixed with software/firmware update please?


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