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Nobody's saying he can't get an RMA. If all he wanted was an RMA, he would have gotten one by now. He posted in another forum (at least two that I know of) asking why the PSU was doing this, knowing that the people in those forums can't give him an RMA. People don't come to this forum for an RMA. They contact support. They come to this forum for answers. He has a PSU that's acting differently than the one he had before, but it's a completely different PSU and we're trying to figure out why. So if he does get an RMA and it does the same thing, we all know why.

He's more than welcome to try another PSU. And you can talk about efficiency all you want. I don't have to respond to posts in this forum. It's actually not my job. But I want to be hepful. And if I tell him to RMA for another RM1000 and the replacement does the same thing, that's not very helpful to him... or anyone else that comes along that has the same problem for the same reason.
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