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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
Fan speeds for radiators really should be controlled by coolant temp, not by CPU or GPU temperature. You can do this with in-loop sensors that connect to the temp sensors on the CoPro. Radiator exhaust temperature is a decent proxy for this if you don't have in-loop sensors but the temperature difference between the exhaust temp and the actual liquid temp will vary by radiator efficiency. This will also allow the fans to run the curve even without software control - like at boot up.

This will be my 50th Water cooled PC while I have used temp sensors before I was never a fan of the extra wires. most of my builds have used an Aquaero 5 or 6 CPU temp has always worked for fan control but for 20 bucks I won't fight over it, does the corsair use the normal 10K versions?

I don't want Flakey if the Onboard USB has issues I can add something like this https://********/wzywucp or https://********/wmhlm9r (I guess this forum blocks tinyurl so the links don't work

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