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Wow this is absolutely amazing! Thanks MSC! I thought this keyboard wouldn't be properly usable on a Mac, I'm glad you stepped in to make it work!

I'm curious how exactly this works, I've perused the code a little bit, but not enough yet to really grasp it. It looks like you're effectively making your own keyboard driver, that handles all the keyboard input? I assume that's why the system's modifier key rebinding doesn't work?

Also I noticed on the earlier version, the one using libusb at least, that my computer's screen would dim, and it would go to sleep, even while I was actively typing on the keyboard. I haven't messed around with the new non-libusb one enough to try to reproduce this, but I'm wondering if you've noticed something similar?

I'm unfortunately not very well versed in c, but if there's anything I can do to help, testing-wise, I'd be glad to!
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