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Originally Posted by n1ck92 View Post
Give us back our lighting control for the M65 RGB mouse!! I paid the premium for the RGB mouse so that I could take advantage of the completely custom colour programs, and now i'm limited to a few presets??

I think Razer might be getting a bit more business soon
They will bring back the custom lighting in the future, but in a new and improved way. I dont know why it was taken out in the first place, but i can tell it you it will be back.

Originally Posted by Paul S View Post
Ok i love my k70 rgb and can manage to live with its flickering (just use 512 colours instead) however, the software is in desperate need of "snap to grid" when you are making colour profiles because without it its a nightmare to line everything up, also desperately needs a 512 colour wheel as well as 16 million one seperately, so we can see what colour pallette we can use instead of guessing all the time, im getting frustrated with this now come on corsair sort this out please.
They are looking in to making a snap to grid feature or something else that will make creating lighting easier and more accurate.

As for the 512 color wheel they might implement a feature where the keyboard will show the color as you move the color wheel.
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