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Many thanks again for your advice.

On the motherboard there are three CHA fan headers. They are situated some distance from each other around the periphery of the motherboard.

I had some case fans plugs into them.

I have unplugged the case fan adapters.

If I wanted to plug BOTH fan adapter plugs into two of the CHA fan header sockets on the motherboard I don't think that is going to work very well.

That is because the cable with the two fan adapter plugs supplied with the Corsair 116i unit is a singular wide (1 cm) thick cable which only splits into the two separate CHA fan plug adapters right at the end of the supplied cable.

I don't think you can pull the cable apart down the middle to allow the two CHA fan adapters to become independently positioned so they could be hooked up to CHA fan headers that are e.g. 15 to 20 or more cm away from one another on the motherboard.

Or so it would seem to me unless I have been supplied with a cable which has been incorrectly manufactured such that it is fused together throughout most of its length in a way that Corsair did not actually intend in practice.

I don't think that is the case.

I think (please correct me if i am wrong here) that Corsair assumed that there would be e.g. two CHA fan header sockets sitting adjacent to each other on the motherboard that would allow me to plug both CHA fan adapters into the two sockets back to back on the motherboard as it were.

But that is not really possible on this motherboard it would seem.

If I can only connect one fan controller plug adapter of the two to the motherboard will that suffice here?

Also, when the bios now says it sees the cpu fan and quotes an rpm number for it, am I to interpret that as some index of the pump speed?

After all there is no physical cpu fan here any more.

All there is now is the pump.

And two pesky fans sitting behind a radiator that never seem to bother turning round at all.

But maybe they will after I do this fan curve setting thing however it is meant to be performed.

Also will the other case fans be problematic if I connect any of them up alongside one of the pump radiator fans?

Sorry to drone one like this but I think I am beginning to understand this a bit better now.


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