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Default h115i noob needing some advice....

Dear All,

I have just installed a new H115i Pro cooler on my AMD fx8350 box. It is running Clear Linux (uefi enabled). I don't have Windows on it.

The motherboard is the ASUS sabertooth 990FX r2.0 (I hope it is OK to mention ASUS name on the on the site here -please correct me if I am not meant to do this according to the forum rules and I will remove it).

The light comes on when I boot up the machine and I think the pump is running OK etc.

But the fans don't seem to start to turn round.

The BIOS is giving me a "cpu fan error" message or something like that at the terminal after boot up.

There are a couple of four pin fan controller sockets at the top of the motherboard above the cpu that I can plug the fan cables into that emanate from the pump housing.

On the left hand side is a 3 pin socket that I plugged the cpu fan plug into that is very close to the cpu/pump union site.

I connected the lead from the pump housing to a free usb header at the base of the motherboard.

Since I am not running Windows 10 on the machine I likely won't be able to run the cooling software that Corsair has helpfully created for the pump system.

But I think the pump should still work under linux if I understand it correctly.

I have a couple of questions.

If I can't get the fans to fire up and turn round behind the radiator, will the pump still be able to deliver some cooling to the CPU?

If the answer is yes, and I only run the PC with a light load on it (no compiling gcc etc!!!!!!) will the cpu be safe ie not overheat while I try to figure out what might fix the fan problem etc with your help?

Is it the case that the fans might not turn on immediately because the cpu is not hot enough yet to require it and if I ran the machine for a while they might then start to turn round?

Comments and suggestions welcome.


Michael Fothergill
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