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Ok, I learned more, re-read the manuals, re-checked all plug-ins and here's an updated version of my post. Also, thank you for taking the time to help me!

New Build: Gaming PC w H100x 240mm AIO cooler
- The H100x Pump cord has 2 ends to it (Power/SATA & Fan pin connector)
- As per the instructions, I connected the power to an available SATA and the fan pin connector in to CPU_FAN
- The instructions then say to plug the 2 H100x radiator fan cords in to its y-connector cable and connect that y-connector cable in to any available 3-pin or 4-pin fan control. I plugged it in to the "PUMP_FAN" since it fit best there (instead of one of the SYS_FANs).
**Note: As I type this, I wonder if I should have left NOTHING plugged in to PUMP_FAN and instead should have sent that y-cable in to a SYS_FAN pin connector slot.
- I then plugged the 2 case fans in to SYS_FAN2 and SYS_FAN3

"CPU_FAN" = 4000 RPM (h100x pump cord)
"PUMP_FAN" = 1700 RPM (h100x y-cord that comes from its 2 radiator fans)
"SYS_FAN 1" = 1000 RPM (case fan)
"SYS_FAN 2" = 1000 RPM (case fan)
Total of 7700 RPM for this PC while idle. I haven't tested gaming yet because this was immediately apparent with how loud the PC is.

STREAM PC (used for 1-2 yrs, 120mm H55 AIO):
- The H55 Pump cord did not have a SATA end to it. It only had a 3-pin connector and as per the instructions, was plugged into CPU_FAN
- I then plugged in the H55 radiator fan 3-pin connector in to SYS_FAN4
- The case has 2 fans but they're pre-plugged and have a low/med/high button that came with the case so they aren't even pluggable in to the mobo (I'm not concerned about this part)

"CPU_FAN" = 1400 RPM (pump fan cord)
"PUMP_FAN" = 0 (makes sense)
"SYS_FAN 4" = 1200 RPM (radiator fan cord)
Total of 2600 RPM while idle. I suppose if I assume the 2 case fans are running at 1000 RPM each then the total is 4600 RPM (2600+1000+1000) for it all. This is still a lot lower than the 7700 above though so this PC is WAY quieter.

1. Is "PUMP_FAN" only for liquid cooling that isn't AIO?
2. Should I unplug my H100x radiator fans y-cord from pump_fan and move it to a SYS_FAN?
3. Since the TWO H100x radiator fans are going in to ONE y-cord, which currently goes in to the PUMP_FAN port, does the BIOS reading of "1700 RPM" mean 1700 each or 17000 total across the 2?
4. Why did the H100x need a power plug-in to SATA but my H55 didn't?
5. When should I use PWM vs DC? (Please indicate for all of the above e.g. H55 CPU_FAN, SYS_FAN; H100x CPU_FAN, PUMP_FAN (radiator fans in to y-cord), Case SYS_FANs)
6. When should I use Smart Control ON vs OFF? (Please indicate for all of the above e.g. H55 CPU_FAN, SYS_FAN; H100x CPU_FAN, PUMP_FAN (radiator fans in to y-cord), Case SYS_FANs)
7. Any idea why my new PC build has the CPU_FAN running at 4000 RPM when idle and literally nothing running?!

New PC w H100x: Since the y-cord (2 radiator fans) are plugged in to "PUMP_FAN" running @ 1700 RPM, I suppose it's safe to assume that "CPU_FAN" is reading pump speed, not fan speed, as you suggested. But then how come my stream PC with the H55, ALSO having a pump plugged in to CPU_FAN is only running at 1400 RPM?

If we're correct, then it seems the H55 has a pump speed of 1400 RPM and fan speed of 1200 RPM while the H100x has a pump speed of 4000 RPM and fan speed(s) of 1700 RPM. Seems odd to me that its pump would be running nearly 4 times faster when in both scenarios the PCs are completely idle. My new PC is literally 10x louder than my stream PC.

I know this is a ton of questions; I opened pandora's box when starting to learn about it all... I appreciate your time and consideration.

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