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Originally Posted by Corsair Hotpot View Post
By sensor you mean the actually Cherry switch correct? That is the nature of a mechanical keyboard, it might be more noticeable with the larger keycap buttons. It can also sound slightly different because the space bar and some other keycaps need stabilizers which cause a slightly different sound.
No this is simply the cherry switch.

If I take the keys off the space bar and say the ALT, and then simply depress and release the switches, the space results in a metalic twang/ring sound when released. This does not happen on other switches (eg: ALT).

I can even just gently tap it (not fully depressing it - just making light contact) and get the same sound.

Do you know how I've had to solve it? I had to ram part of an elastic band into the back of the space bar where the cherry switch sits/fits. This obviously then keeps the switch constantly depressed a bit, preventing it from travelling over the top millimeter or two of its upper most limit.

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