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The charger did not damage your keyboard, or atleast it should not have if your charger is working properly. the 5v part is how many volts it is putting out all the time. a 5v usb charger puts out 5v because a usb port on a computer puts out 5v and that is what all usb devices are rated for. 5.1v is well within specs for any 5v usb device since they are all rated to handle a little voltage ripple. The 2.1A is the current rated in amps. This is not how much it is actually pushing to the device (your phone or keyboard) but how much the charger can provide to the device. Your device will only pull as many amps as it needs up to the limit of your charger. Your phone will charge faster with a higher current charger because the charger can put out more amps. It will charge slower with a lower amp charger. If you have a dumb device that cant self regulate how much current they draw then you could burn out the charger by drawing too many amps but not the other way around.

To try and fix it Uninstall the corsair engine software and go into the device manager and remove all the keyboards that are showing up in there. If you are windows 10 press the windows key and x and then select device manager. Then click on keyboards and right click on all the hid keyboard devices or any keyboards in there and click on uninstall. Any keyboard you have plugged up to the computer will stop working until you reboot after doing this. See if it will work after that.
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