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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
OK. That one is something of a known issue with the EVGA GPU tool. Since we are all using CUE and mouse, it isnít that pairing. It is more likely an interaction between CUE and something else you are running. There is rather long Steam/CUE FPS drop thread, but I have never experienced it in 4 years on either CUE 1 or 2.

If you quit CUE, do the drops stop in CS:Go? Obviously not helpful for the stated goal, but has value for troubleshooting.

Does this happen in other games or applications?
I have uninstalled CUE multiple times. And yes, it lags on every game or application I play. The drops are now consistent with my mouse, whether CUE is on or not. I'm confident that CUE has something to do with this issue. Every game works fine when I use a different mouse.
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