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Originally Posted by Nexuspheres View Post
-ive just finished my build with the 460x rgb and i mounted a 280mm radiator on the front behind the intake fans. To prevent the hot air cooking the GPU i just turned the stock fans around on the front of the case to push the hot air out rathe then blowing it towards the GPU. The lighting still works fine even though its backwards, if you're worried about that. i was to. i also put 2 rgb 120mm fans up the top to suck air intothe case and another on the exhaust. i check my temps regulary and its all stay very cool. i also had a tech dude from my local pc shop look over it to make sure everything worked properly. So i would reccomend doing that if you mount the radiator on the front :) I can take picture if you would like to see it as well.
I was wondering about that. I wonder if there is a difference between blowing air through the radiator or pulling air through the radiator and how pressure might affect that. It seems to me your method might lead to a hotter CPU especially if overclocking is involved. By how much I don't know. My gut tells me that blowing cool air through the radiator and then installing two exhaust fans on top and one at the rear might work better...I don't know. I guess the way to find out would be to try both methods with overclocking the GPU and CPU and monitor the temp on both. Is it possible to remove your radiator without having to remove the motherboard? I would like to see your picture.
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