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Originally Posted by symmetrical View Post
Holy crap, I was going insane spending damn near two days troubleshooting my PC. Uninstall GPU drivers over and over, and couldn't figure out why all my games and apps were stuttering. Luckily I was watching the Gamers Nexus video and Steve pointed it out. Voila, after updating to 3.20 my issue was gone.

Seriously, WTF Corsair, that is extremely ****ty on you. I'm leaning to never buy anything Corsair again for this. Incredibly irresponsible by a reputable company.
similar things happen to many many BIG companies. look at microsofts updates that cause mass problems(file deletions,security problems,read the news), apple with iOS updates, etc etc etc. if you follow your rule of "never buying again", then prepare yourself to pretty much never buy from any company ever again, because they have all had things that happen. have a nice day.
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