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Nick96 01-04-2019 10:17 PM

H110iGTX Water Cooler is Extremely Loud
Hi all,

So I've had this PC for about 2 years now and during the past year, the water cooling fans have become increasingly louder for no apparent reason. I don't need to be running any intensive applications such as games for this to occur, it happens from simply turning on the PC and leaving it idle.

Here's a screenshot of everything I see in Corsair Link:

The profile is also configured to be Quiet although it is far from it... I used to be able to run it at Performance without this issue occurring although through time it's become impossible to do so without hearing a jet engine throughout my entire apartment :sigh!:

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if I need to replace this thing I would happily do so at this point :confused:

c-attack 01-05-2019 09:12 AM

It's loud because the fan are moving fast. The fans are moving fast because you have reached 40C coolant temperature. On the GTX models the fan will go into maximum mode whenever you reach 40C liquid temp inside the cooler. However, to put that into context, you need to know the starting coolant temperature and have some measure of your room/case temperature. If your idle case temp is 35C, you can get to 40C without any effort and it does not mean there is something wrong. If you room is 17C and the initial coolant temp was 20C, the a +20C rise to 40C signifies a cooling problem.

For the time being, you should probably stop using the presets and make your own curve with appropriate noise levels for your use. Those presets are just data points (fan speed vs temperature). It is not a "smart curve" that senses ambient noise and then corrects itself. Actually, there is little reason to ever use the presets except perhaps when you first get the cooler. Each case environment is unique and since the fan speed is temperature based, only you know your normal parameters and noise tolerances.

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