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bmcambra 01-17-2019 01:38 PM

Inconsistent Lighting when iCue is on/off
iCue has been working fantastically for when when open (both in fore/background), but when closed, it does a few strange things.

1. During boot up, my default color scheme for my case lights, RAM, CPU cooler, etc., are all rainbow wave. The rainbow wave on my case fans (x6 HD120's) is indeed rainbow wave, but a solid color wave instead of like 4 colors at the same time. When I open iCue, it corrects to what I think is the 'standard' rainbow wave (multiple colors simultaneously). When I check what is set to the hardware profile on my commander pro, it shows rainbow wave and lights up to the 'standard'.
Not sure why it's different when iCue is open vs closed, anyone have input?

2. During boot, my RAM should be set to rainbow wave, and it is, but near the end of the startup when windows fully loads they lose sync. Still doing a rainbow wave, but no longer a clean progression through the 4 sticks of RAM as 1-2 sticks will completely lose sync. Problem completely resolves itself when iCue is opened, but is frustrating.

3. My last question is more of a check, but is it normal for the case to light up briefly, then go dark for a second before booting up like normal after disconnecting your PSU from power? Only happens on the first boot following disconnecting from power.

Thank you for any help you can give, most of this is basic and doesn't affect the PC in an overly negative way (and they're easily worked around), they just irk me as they should be working properly without issue.

bmcambra 01-17-2019 01:43 PM

Background on my Corsair Lighting hardware (sorry for not including in original post):

x6 HD120's - All connected to Commander Pro
x4 LED strips - From lighting node pro kit, connected to Commander Pro
x4 8gb Vengeance Pro RGB RAM sticks (white)
x1 240mm H100i Pro RGB (I believe this is the right name)

Zotty 01-17-2019 01:51 PM

Hi buddy.. what you are witnessing is the Demo mode on certain devices when iCUE isn't not running. you can for certain items such as some keyboards/coolers/commander pro and lighting node pro and rgb pro ram set up hardware lighting for those devices in iCUEfor when iCUE is not running (boot up/sleep/locked etc). some devices dont support this (mm800/St100 amongst others)

bmcambra 01-17-2019 02:05 PM

Hi Zotty, thanks for the help!

I know that you can set hardware lighting for when iCue isn't running, but my issue is the hardware lighting when iCue isn't running (in my case rainbow wave) does not match the rainbow wave I see when iCue is open. When iCue is open, the hardware settings match what I expect.

Right now my workaround is to have iCue set to open when windows boots, but it means my computer jumps between profiles during boot and is kind of off putting. If that's just how it is that's fine (I'm nitpicking after all), I just want to know if something is off from the norm.

EDIT: I don't recall seeing a hardware lighting option for my RAM lighting issues, but will double check tonight when I'm back in front of my PC.

Zotty 01-17-2019 02:44 PM

the hardware lighting for ram is set by whats applied to the ram with 'enable full software control' disabled in settings if that makes sense.. the idea is to have it enabled, that gives you your ram effects when iCUE is running.. and when iCUE is not running the ram reverts to what ever lighting profile you applied to the ram with the 'enable full software control' disabled..

as for what its all doing while starting up.. for me.. it is what it is.. its a short live period of time imho.. but i suppose easy for me to say as my PC boots real quick and i dont use sleep or locked....

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