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SajuukCor 09-12-2018 05:00 PM

(Bug) 3.7.99 Removing Hardware Items
Just as v3.6.109, v3.7.99 is still removing hardware items from the Device Manager. In my case it is completely removing my Z: SSD. After uninstalling v3.7.99 and restarting the drive is able to be seen again.

Exported logs:!AjGVk1dNf19QlN8cjr4Ym7cHD-of6g

Corsair James 09-13-2018 06:44 PM

Thanks, we will analyze this.

EviLFazZ 09-15-2018 10:07 AM

Same issue here and since the recent update, two (mechanical) HDD's configured on RAiDXpert2 was showing failures all over (almost lost 12TB worth of data), but after some messing around (which in itself I hate having to do as this burns precious work/play time), it looks all USB related and both a recent Windows update (KB4100347...and maybe also KB4457128 (2) and KB445655) and iCUE v3.7.99.

I'm guessing, but as so many on this forum are suggesting very similar, looks like I can not use my main system until a fix is figured out... disappointing �� ...and why it needs to be this complicated and messy every time is just depressing ��

xMacias 10-04-2018 01:19 PM

A few questions if you're still having this issue,
1. What is the product and model name of SSD you're having issues with?
2. When you say the drive being removed, are you still able to access the files on the drive? Or is the SSD recognized as unknown device?
3. Is it possible to check if the drive is visible in the following cases:
a. Install iCUE but don't run it
b. Start iCUE
c. Reboot PC with iCUE installed
d. Uninstall iCUE and do not restart

Thank you

SajuukCor 10-05-2018 01:15 AM

This is the same issue that's plaguing other users of various hardware items not registering they're installed, like GPUs, water coolers, HDD/SDD drives, etc. You can't access the hardware and Windows thinks there's nothing there. v3.6.x and v3.7.x have this issue, as well as v3.1.131 back in March 2018.

xMacias 10-26-2018 04:03 PM

Are you still having this issue with the latest release?

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