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roflcopter572 06-20-2016 04:01 AM

H100i v2 - Periodic Clicking and Pump Noise
So about a week ago, I bought this cooler new from Amazon. Seems to be working excellently, keeping my overclocked CPU at 30 C idle and around 45 C at heavy gaming loads.

However, whenever my pump is in Performance mode, there is a noticeable buzzing noise near the waterblock. Quiet mode seems quiet enough. Performance mode runs at around 2940 RPM and Quiet mode runs at around 1920 RPM. Is this normal?

More importantly, there is a very audible clicking noise coming from the computer every 7 or so seconds. There seems to be a pattern; there is a louder click during the first second of a cycle, followed by a slightly quieter click during the seventh second. It is important to note that these clicking cycles occur whenever I am using a sensor monitoring program, notably Corsair Link 4, AIDA64, and siv64x, even when minimized. In order for the clicking to stop, I need to completely exit the programs. EVGA PrecisionX and ASUS AI Suite III doesn't cause the issue.

The H100i v2 is correctly installed, with it properly mounted onto the motherboard. There doesn't seem to be any vibration. The CPU fan header's automatic voltage control was turned off and supplies a consistent voltage to the cooler. The Corsair Link cable is plugged into a USB 2.0 header and the program seems to work properly (setting fan/pump speeds, LED color, etc.)

The clicking definitely isn't coming from the hard drives, the GPU, the fans, or the PSU. There aren't any cables obstructing the fans. I've tried turning off the PSU's ECO mode and I've made sure that the cables are properly seated. I've also tried turning off the motherboard's OCP/UCP. I've even tried reversing my overclocks and disabling my RAM's XMP profile. The clicking pattern remains.

On the software end, I've tried reinstalling both ASUS AI Suite III and Corsair Link 4. I've also updated my motherboard BIOS and I've made sure to update any other programs I have.

I do have a few other troubleshooting ideas left. First, I'll see if plugging my computer into other wall sockets will do anything. It's currently plugged into a voltage regulator in my room. Also, I'll see if using a hardware sensor monitor in Ubuntu produces the issue.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions as to what I could try? It would be a pain to have to return this cooler and order a replacement. While it does cool my processor quite well, the clicking worries me.

c-attack 06-20-2016 08:35 AM

Unfortunately, some pump buzz at the higher speeds seems to be quite common on the latest generation of coolers. It is unlikely you'll notice any meaningful cooling difference by running at the slower speed in anything except long duration, full 100% CPU loads. So set it to quiet mode and know you aren't losing anything.

However, the clicking is more concerning. This is usually a mechanical problem or occasionally an issue with power delivery to the pump. Rather than a bad wall socket or ailing PSU which would show their effects all over the system, it is more likely the issue is inside the unit itself. You can be thorough and try a different SATA cable running from a different PSU socket, but the odds are that isn't the issue. Generally, this type of issue gets worse in time and right now you have the maximum flexibility in your return options.

I am not sure if your are US or UK, but usually if you request a replacement and return from Amazon, the new unit will ship out today and then you have 30 days to get the old unit back, zero down time. You can also request an RMA through the Corsair portal back at the bottom of the main page (you need to create an account). They also can do an advance RMA, where they ship you a new unit and you return the old. However, no one else is Amazon and that would almost surely be the fastest, least expensive method of obtaining a replacement. I know it's a pain, but don't wait on this stuff. It will only drive you crazy in the meantime and your options will decrease in time.

You may encounter some issues trying to run AI Suite and CL4 at the same time. Usually these are polling errors and not hardware problems, but is something to be aware of. You can fully exit AI Suite from the task bar icon or set it not to run on start up. It will still retain your fan profiles when the program is not running.

roflcopter572 06-20-2016 12:08 PM

Hey c-attack, thanks for the quick response!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the unit may actually be defective. I was able to wake up and request an Amazon "advanced RMA" early enough to get a free replacement today. I'll be installing the new unit (sans the fans, screws, mounting plate, link cable, etc.) and seeing if it makes a difference. If the problem remains, at least I have about 25 days to get anything else replaced.

I'll keep you guys updated after the new unit is installed and I try to reproduce the problem.

Edit: The clicking issue remains. I have no idea what the issue could be anymore. I'll unplug the cooler headers and see what happens. I really hope it isn't the motherboard.

Edit 2: IT WAS ONE OF THE HARD DRIVES. I turned my cube case around and stuck my ear everywhere. Came from the cage. Unplugged both drives, clicking immediately stops. Time to do some data management. Thanks so much, Corsair! As an added bonus to the RMA, the pump noise did diminish quite a bit.

mschatzlein 06-19-2018 12:43 PM

I have reliably cured the clicking noise by turning the radiator so that the hoses exit/enter at the lowest point (bubbles rise to the top). The clicks are caused by bubbles.

c-attack 06-19-2018 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by mschatzlein (Post 959831)
I have reliably cured the clicking noise by turning the radiator so that the hoses exit/enter at the lowest point (bubbles rise to the top). The clicks are caused by bubbles.

I am glad it's sorted, but you might be placing too much emphasis on the meaning (or sound) or a "click". Bubbles don't click. They can cause the pump to buzz or make more noise, but that is definitively different than a continuous barrage of mechanical clicks. That normally suggests a mechanical issue and if your pump absolutely has to be mounted hoses down to avoid this, you should consider contacting Corsair Tech support about a possible replacement. It should not work that way.

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