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Sineva 02-25-2015 06:31 PM

Hello the 1. thing i have to tell you is i'M srry for my bad english
Ok my problem is i bought a corsair h2100 Headset from amazon.

I downloaded :
Corsair Gaming H1500, H2100. Vengeance 2000, 2100, 1500, 1500v2 Software

when i open the interface of the software and klick on :
"test microphone" the only thing i hear is a rustle/audio acoustic noise

when i try to speak with someone in skype or teamspeak they hear me rustle/audio acoustic noise

i try evrything but my mikropone won't work
coult someone help me?

Toasted 02-26-2015 05:30 AM

Try the headset on a different computer. Does the microphone still produce the rustle/audio acoustic noise?

Sineva 02-26-2015 09:22 AM

i try it on 2 different computer

Toasted 02-27-2015 05:13 AM

It seems the microphone is faulty. Request an RMA to replace the headset and make sure you upload a picture of the invoice as proof of purchase.

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