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nerdyjem 01-15-2019 01:14 AM

Fan Curve Help/Suggestion
I apologize if this has been asked already, but I did some searching through the iCUE forum and didn't find anything.

Is it possible to use multiple temperature points/sensors to control fan curves? For example, I have a custom loop, but it's itx/SFF, so when CPU temperature spikes for any prolonged period, I'd like to bump the fan speed, regardless of water temp. At the same time, once CPU temps drop, if the water temp is still elevated, I'd like to keep the fans running higher than otherwise normal for the CPU temp, until the water temp drops to an acceptable level.

DevBiker 01-15-2019 01:24 AM

No, you cannot do that with iCUE.

BlaiseP 01-15-2019 03:24 PM

Just base your fan curves off the coolant temperature, once you start using the CPU temperatures, your fans will be ramping up and down with the temperature spikes that inevitably occur.

I have an EKWB hardline custom loop (9900k & SLI'ed 1080TI's) using the coolant temperature via a 10kΩ inline probe for all the radiator and case fan curves across two Commander Pro's. For the pump (D5 PWM), I use a fixed 40% fan curve (~2000RPM) which is plenty enough to drive my loop.

c-attack 01-15-2019 06:47 PM

I'll agree your idea likely has no impact on cooling white creating more buzz, however you may find what you are looking for in the BIOS. Most of the recent Asus boards can be configured for two temp sources, although they will have to be things the motherboard can recognize. I could do this on my Code X with a motherboard water in/out sensor. However, I suspect that is the missing piece on your I board. Still, you may find what you want in there.

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