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KevOW 01-14-2017 05:37 PM

Anyone else hoping to see Corsair refresh the Katar?
The current Corsair Katar sensor sports a A3090 sensor, which is pretty outdated and outmatched compared to today's mice. Recently, Corsair have partnered with PixArt to create their very own version of the 3360 sensor called the PMW3367. It's first implementation was into their MMO/MOBA mice the Corsair Scimitar. I found that really odd too, as MOBA/MMO users really wouldn't benefit from the upgrade from a 3360 to the 3367, nor would most FPS players ever use such a heavy mouse. I'm hoping to see Corsair announce a Katar refresh, due to the mouse's simple shape and light weight. The design is so basic and safe that any user would benefit from using it. Really hoping to see something about these mice in the near future, especially with all the other mice being released these days. I would surely like to see Corsair upgrade one of their more lightweight, FPS-friendly mice with their PMW3367 sensor.

Corsair Henry 01-16-2017 01:53 PM

it's only a matter of time till you see 3367 being used in our FPS mice. As far as a Katar refresh, I have no information.

KevOW 01-16-2017 04:57 PM

Really hoping that we're on the same page
I hope you aren't talking about the M65 Pro RGB mice. Corsair's lightweight series needs a sensor refresh. The M65 and Scimitar aren't viable in a competitive environment. Seriously, there are pros in the FPS competitive scene using Corsair products for their mousepads, keyboards and headsets. Out of ALL the CS:GO and Overwatch professionals, there is only ONE using a Corsair mouse (sources below). Cozen uses the Sabre RGB, which is part of your lightweight series. No one wants to use the M65 for CS:GO or Overwatch. It's heavy and your thumb rests on sniper button. The Katar, Harpoon, and Sabre are all wonderful products that boast their lightweights behind their safe shapes. That's what people are looking for in today's competitive environment. I personally want to purchase the Katar, Sabre and Harpoon, if they were to release PRO versions of these mice in the near future.

CS:GO Pro Set-Ups: http://on-win*********/cs-go-config-...sitivity-pros/

Overwatch Pro Set-Ups: http://on-win*********/overwatch-pro...board-headset/

I understand you're not marketing to professionals, but they're using mice that are great examples for what the average FPS player is looking for in today's market. I hope whoever is in charge of the Mice and Keyboard department takes a look around other forums based around peripherals to see what the the average player is looking for. You guys even sponsor this FPS mouse reviewer with your products.

Rocketjumpninja's video on the M65:

Rocketjumpninja's updated top 40 mice lists the Scimitar at 40, the Harpoon at 37, and the Sabre at 32.

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