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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Ordered my CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT straight from Corsair UK. Have had it just over 9 days. Suddenly last night whilst playing Destiny 2 the sound became heavily distorted, we are talking unintelligible here. This happens when its on Wireless, Wired USB Mode, Wired 3.5mm mode, Bluetooth or even just when its on Wireless/Wired mode and no dongle/cable is plugged in as the onboard voice prompts are distorted to. To me this sounds like the onboard systems of the headset have gone wrong. I have tried Soft Reset Reinstalling Icue Disabling Doly Atmos Going into Advanced headphone properties and setting it to 2 channel 44/48Khz Forcing firmware update from ICUE of dongle and headset and then soft resetting again. Is there a hard reset of the headphones that can be done? I have a ticket open with support but no reply yet. Wouldnt have expected this from a £250 pair of headphones!
  2. So my K95 Platinum XT lighting effect keeps stopping the lighting effect shows it as working but the keyboard is static solid colours of what it should actually be? It keeps doing it i removed icue etc it starts working again and then freezes on static colours again. Really need help with this please! Thanks everyone:[pouts:
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forums and had a question about the H115i Pro vs H115i Pro XT coolers. I've done a bunch of research already but haven't been able to find all the detailed information so was hoping some of the knowledgeable members of this forum could weigh in. It's confusing, because the corsair website currently makes the Pro RGB and Pro RGB XT look almost identical, yet both are still available. If this question has already been asked somewhere here before admin feel free to delete. As far as I can tell, the main features are: H115i Pro: - Asetek 6th gen pump (1100rpm, 2160rpm, 2850rpm) - Single zone RGB - 1100 RPM Max speed fans - Limited availability because being replaced by XT H115i Pro XT: - Basically pump hardware from Platinum but lacking the RGB (LL?) fans & other RGB features - So, CoolIT pump (assuming the same as Platinum?? i.e. 2000rpm, 2400rpm, 2900rpm) - Black Pump Head I care most about idle noise (do lots of productivity work in addition to gaming) and would be willing to sacrifice a few delta degrees C if it means less noise. As a result I've bought one of the seemingly last remaining H115i Pro's left in my country because I've heard the 1100RPM mode is significantly quieter than the 2000RPM min speed of the Platinum. I'm wondering, can anyone confirm if the XT runs the same pump speeds & has the same louder pump as the Platinum? I'm not too concerned about the improved RGB on the XT, but I do like the black pump head! I haven't unboxed the Pro I've bought yet and am still in the return window in the case I want to switch to the XT. Hopefully someone can help me decide between Pro and Pro XT. Thanks!
  4. I am not knowledge well. And sorry for my english. I have 240 Neutron. i buy 2-3 month ago and my problem is start 3-4 day ago. When i restart computer everythings changes back to old. Deleted files coming back and new files not saving. '' shortly its like freezed and nothing changes when restart '' Please Help
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