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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am currently in the process of building my first custom loop build in the 5000x case. I have a few concerns in regards to the fan/rgb situation I need some help on prior to my packages arrival though. (I messed up a few times properly measuring and bending my hardline tubes despite having the kit so I’m waiting for more tubes to try again 😅) Parts involved: XD5 Pump/Res XC7 CPU water block Gigabyte 3080 Gaming OC Waterforce 2x 360mm XR5 Radiators, each rad with 3x ML120mm pro rbg fans 3x SP RBG Elite fans (included with the 5000X case) 1x ML120 pro rbg fan (Lemme know if any other specs need to be listed) Additionally I do have a Commander Pro, 2x RGB Fan Led Hubs, 2x Lighting Node Pros and the case included hubs as well After reading through various posts including Zotty’s detailed guides, I attempted to diagram out how these things will all connect. If I can piece out this puzzle prior to the build being complete I imagine I’ll have a much easier time managing the million cables it feels like it has. Excuse the sloppy fan control lines, I have various splitters that should allow it to fill out the Commander Pro as needed. I am mostly concerned about the RBG situation. Will this layout work? Can I plug in 2 RGB Fan Led Hubs into 1 Lighting node Pro then into to the Commander Pro? Or 1 hub per 1 node? Can these be consolidated in any otherway? I also have 1 more ML120mm Fan that I’d like to set up as one more exhaust but I’m not sure how easily I can set it up considering the RBG hub for the ML fans is already 6/6. Do I consider another hub for this one fan? I technically do still have the case included Lighting Node Core(I think?)? Or is there like an RGB splitter I could use. I’m kinda worried about having 6 fans intaking air (3 front 3 side) but only 3 fans exhausting through the top radiator. I appreciate any and all the help.
  2. So I ran into a snag with my case. Recently upgraded my radiator from a non corsair 120mm rad to an XR5 360. This is mounted in the top of my Lian Li O11d. The top panel slid on no problem. Few weeks later need to open the system up. Have issues removing the top panel. Apparently the tops of the screws are too tall which seems to be the culprit. It was recommended by Lian Li support to find flat versions of the same size screw. Not having good of luck finding flat versions of these screws. From what I understand the screws are M4-0.7 x 6mm. I have been unable to find a screws of the same spec but with a flat top. Closest thing I found are countersunk which defeats the purpose of having a low profile screw to hold the radiator in place and leave enough clearance for the top panel. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  3. Moin Corsair Forum! Ich denke über eine Wasserkühlung für meine nächste GPU nach. Seit einiger Zeit habe ich einen AIO-Kühler (H100i) und würde diesen auch gerne behalten. Deshalb wäre bezüglich der Wasserkühlung die Frage, ob ich einen XR7-Radiator mit einer XD5 Pumpe in einem 500d RGB SE installieren kann, um die benötigte Kühlleistung sicher abzudecken. Grob geschätzt könnte es gerae so passen, aber wahrscheinlich recht knapp werden. Hat da jemand bereits Erfahrung oder weiß genau ob das passt/nicht passt? Schonmal danke für die Antworten im voraus!
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