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Found 7 results

  1. Looked around for an answer but got none, tried asking on r/corsair and got none either. I use the 2.4ghz mode w the dongle, but if that's needed to check the battery i can plug it in wired. Can anyone help me? -efflux
  2. Bonjour bonjour, Je n'arrive plus a appareillée ma souris en mode sans fil DARK CORE SE , Elle fonctionne correctement en filaire. J'ai essayé : Désinstaller ICUE et réinstaller vider les fichiers cachés du AppData Réinitialiser la souris avec les droite et gauche appareiller normalement avec la touche profil Rien n'y fait... :( Je me retrouve avec 2 souris dans mon ICUE, je joins deux screens de ICUE et mes logs. Une solution plz ? Je l'aimais bien sans fil moi cette souris log-icue.zip
  3. Moin alle miteinander. Ich besitze im Moment ein Void Pro Headset und möchte mir demnächst auch eine wireless Maus kaufen. Da ich meistens am Laptop bin - USB Slots sind ja immer rar, möchte ich fragen, ob ich beide Geräte über einen Dongle laufen lassen kann.
  4. Me acaba de llegar un Corsair Dark core Pro SE, lo conecte a mi PC con el dongle y todo funcionaba correctamente, hasta que en iCUE me pidio actualización de firmware, asi que lo conecte por USB y actualicé, pero sopresa, al desconectarlo del USB Windows ya no reconocía el dongle usb, ni siquiera como dispovitivo desconocido, nada. Probe conectar el dongle en otro PC, pero no funciona, no es reconocido ni nada, simplemente como si no conectara nada, esta muerto, alguien sabe que hacer? estoy pensando en la devolución.
  5. So one thing I like is that with the wireless mice, it shows a battery icon on the bottom right (https://kipli.ng/image?i=gc33acz.png) when using Windows. However, it doesn't show a battery icon or any icon on how much battery is left on wireless headsets though (not sure about keyboards though since I don't have one). I wish there was a mouse/keyboard/headset icon there that changes color depending on how much battery is left. Like green is fully charged, yellow is medium/halfway, and red is close to dying. When hovered over, it will tell you the battery status (high/medium/low OR the battery percentage)
  6. I purchased a Harpoon Wireless through Amazon and I received the first one a couple of weeks ago. When I tried plugging it in my PC did not recognize the Splistream USB Dongle. It literally didn't take any action or make any noise when plugging into the machine. I tried all of the USB ports on my machine. However it worked Wired, and via bluetooth. I forced updated the mouse, I tried resetting, however the initial pair option was blocked out and not clickable in iCUE, so I chalked it up to defective product. And I got an replacement through Amazon. Sadly I am experiencing the same issues with the replacement. My PC is not recognizing the Slipstream USB dongle. It still works wired and Bluetooth. I have also already submitted a support ticket for this issue, figured I would reach out here to see if the community has any pointers. Thanks.
  7. I've got a Harpoon RGB to go with my K63. It's a mild annoyance that I need two dongles. My Bluetooth is oddly flaky with the Corsair products, so I use the dongles. I'd be willing to upgrade to a bigger, badder mouse if there's one that shares the K63 dongle. If not, then the gods did not deem it so. But I'd like to find out - if anyone knows. Thanks!
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