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Found 5 results

  1. so I recently bought a corsair k63 wireless + lapboard and it randomly doesn't register me typing sometimes (on either wireless or bluetooth) or it will register one keypress as loads i.e. ttttttttttttttt. I saw a post talking about holding esc while turning on to factory reset, this seems to have solved the issue, however, as it happens randomly I'm not sure so posting here if there is some other known required fix for this issue.
  2. So one thing I like is that with the wireless mice, it shows a battery icon on the bottom right (https://kipli.ng/image?i=gc33acz.png) when using Windows. However, it doesn't show a battery icon or any icon on how much battery is left on wireless headsets though (not sure about keyboards though since I don't have one). I wish there was a mouse/keyboard/headset icon there that changes color depending on how much battery is left. Like green is fully charged, yellow is medium/halfway, and red is close to dying. When hovered over, it will tell you the battery status (high/medium/low OR the battery percentage)
  3. Hi, it seems that my keyboard doesn't have lighting link mode when in wireless mode. I bought this keyboard a month ago and I could use lighting link on all of my devices when using wirelessly. Today I updated keyboard firmware and iCUE and lighting link seems to be only on wired mode. How can I bring it back? I attached screenshoots how it looks in iCUE. Wireless mode seems to have only predefined lighting modes.
  4. Hi folks, ich versuche seit geraumer Zeit meine neue Tastatur mit meinen Rechnern zu verbinden. Momentan arbeite ich mit zwei Rechnern "gleichzeitig" weshalb ich mich für diese Tastatur entschieden habe. Mein Plan ist zwischen Funk und BT zu schalten, was mit der Maus schon super funktioniert, leider verbindet sich meine Tastatur partout nicht mit dem Funkempfänger. Gibt es da noch irgendwelche "geheimen" tricks? Andernfalls muss ich mich leider wieder von dieser Tastatur trennen. Besten Gruß
  5. A little while back we announced our new K57 RGB Wireless keyboard. The K57 RGB Wireless is a unique entry into the gaming peripheral market due to it being membrane keyboard, using SLIPSTREAM Wireless and CAPELLIX LEDs, two of CORSAIR’s newest technologies. As the first wireless keyboard to utilize SLIPSTREAM Wireless and the first peripheral to use CAPELLIX LEDs, the K57 is a great entry point for anyone seeking a high-performance wireless keyboard with advanced LED technology. The combination of SLIPSTREAM’s incredible speed and CAPELLIX ’s energy savings lends itself to great battery life while increasing performance. With full RGB lighting, users can expect up to 35 hours of battery life, and with no LEDs on, a whopping 175 hours of battery life; that’s over a full week of use! The K57 RGB Wireless began as a wireless version of our popular K55 RGB, but during development, we saw the perfect opportunity to integrate these amazing new technologies. The K57 with CAPELLIX LEDs offers incredible brightness, as well as per-key RGB lighting effects, giving nearly unlimited customizability with our amazing iCUE software. CORSAIR’s SLIPSTREAM technology offers the best performance for wireless devices with sub-1ms response times. Additionally, with intelligent frequency switching, SLIPSTREAM will always keep your devices in the least congested sub-frequencies for reliable and fast performance. Speaking of reliability, there’s no question that LEDs are the best source of illumination. CAPELLIX LEDs take the renowned reliability and offer the added benefit of flexibility and miniaturization. At a fraction of the size of a standard RGB LED, CAPELLIX LEDs shine brighter and can be installed in numerous places, thanks to the awesome manufacturing process of being printed directly on the circuit board. CORSAIR decided to use the K57 RGB Wireless to debut SLIPSTREAM Wireless and CAPELLIX LEDs in our keyboard product line primarily due to accessibility. By featuring these technologies in an affordable product, more people can enjoy the experience of having some of the newest tech in their hands. We wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to enjoy two technologies we’re very proud of here at CORSAIR. We worked hard to make SLIPSTREAM wireless the best, most responsive wireless protocol we could, and CAPELLIX LEDs are similarly groundbreaking. Instead of limiting them only to premiere products, we felt it better to use them where they could do the most good – by improving performance and battery life in our mainstream wireless gaming keyboard. Discussing the K57 RGB Wireless on our AMA Livestream in August 2019While the K57 RGB Wireless keyboard is a membrane keyboard, even keyboard elitists who have seen and used the keyboard in person at PAX West 2019 were astounded to find out it wasn’t mechanical, noting that keystrokes were comfortable, both in actuation feel and force. Another benefit of the membrane actuation is very quiet operation, which is something a lot of streamers look for in keyboards so their viewers don’t hear the constant clacking of the keys, especially in areas where a wireless keyboard excels, like the living room. Many younger gamers and their parents were excited to hear that it was wireless with per-key RGB lighting for $99.99 MSRP, a price facilitated by the fact that it’s a membrane keyboard. The features and technologies the K57 offers at this price point are unique in the industry, and this makes it a perfect keyboard for both new users and veterans, gamers and content creators, or for those who just want a reliable wireless keyboard for any situation. If the K57 RGB Wireless sounds like just the keyboard you’ve been searching for, head over to corsair.com to check it out!
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