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Found 20 results

  1. My HS70 Bluetooth headset connects via bluetooth to the PC, but in a few seconds it disconnects. I tested it on the iPhone and it doesn't disconnect.
  2. I have recently picked up a pair of virtuoso xt and I am quite disappointed that it is not able to switch between audio sources seemlessly on pc. On my old virtuoso non-se, I can simply switch the audio output between my speakers and headphones by toggling the (wireless to usb) button. This is such a big QOL feature and why is it not available on the xt? On the xt, I have to bring up the sound tab on windows and set the device as default. It feels like a massive downgrade to me that I have to switch the audio output manually on the xt. There are also posts on forum and reddit which report the same problem, but it remains unsolved.
  3. I recently bought a corsair harpoon, using the 2.4ghz dongle it worked just fine but trying to use it via bluetooth with windows and it would not appear or pair. I tried to use bluetooth with Ubuntu and it worked so I know for a fact that the mouse is not faulty. I there a driver in windows that i must install before using bluetooth? Thanks.
  4. So first of all I want to say that this is the second time I am having this issue. The first time I format my Windows SO and the speeds returned to normal : After one week where the disk was about 30% the problems returned : (I removed a lot of data and the disk is only 11% FULL so this is definitely not acceptable at all. ) After removing data the speeds changed from 200 to 400. I am on the last firmware. And I already tried a lot of fixs that were posted here for the similar issues with the Mp-600 . Do someone has some ideia how to fix this ?
  5. Bonjour à tous, j'ai un (petit) soucis. J'ai paramétré mes ventilos LL120 via iCue afin d'avoir l'effet arc-en-ciel. Ca fonctionne mais lorsque je ferme ma session ou tant que celle-ci n'est pas ouverte l'effet n'est pas le même. Les ventilateurs clignotent lentement et change de couleur à chaque clignotement. Avant ça ne le fesait pas donc je suppose que j'ai fais une mauvaise manip mais je n'arrive pas à trouver...
  6. when I'm playing the games they crash, Windows stops recognizing the ssd, I have to restart the computer to get everything back to normal. when this happens it does not let me enter any sdd folder since the following message appears: " a device has been specified that does not exist" Curiously this started to happen to me with the new Windows update the 20H update. Cpu: ryzen 2600 Motherboard: asus x570 Pro (with 3001 version bios) Thanks!
  7. Muy buenas, Tengo un problema con mis nuevos auriculares Void Elite Wireless y es que el controlador de volumen de los auriculares no funciona del todo. Cuando intento subir o bajar el volumen con la rueda, aparece la ventana del porcentaje de volumen de Windows, pero este no reacciona. Me llegaron el lunes y hasta hace un rato me han funcionado perfectamente. Buscando información al respecto, he encontrado varias soluciones (forzar la actualización desde el iCUE, sincronizar de nuevo los cascos con el pen, desinstalar el iCUE y volverlo a instalar...) pero ninguna me ha funcionado. Me gustaria saber si alguien mas ha tenido el mismo problema y lo ha podido solucionar de alguna forma diferente de las mencionadas anteriormente. Gracias a tod@s de antemano. Un abrazo!!
  8. Bonjour, Je voulais savoir comment peut-on faire pour choisir entre les drivers de Windows et de iCue. Je vous remercie d'avance pour vos réponses.
  9. Today the 11th of September 2020, my 2 day old HS45 headset has stopped working. The headset is plugged in via the USB adapter. The headset and mic work if plugged in via respective 3.5mm jack. As my desktop PC does not have a 4 pin 3.5mm jack, I am unable to use the headset untill this issue is fixed or additional components are purchased. The sound distorts frequently and the mic doesn't work. The device shows up as Conexant USB in Device Manager. iCue can't find the device. I have managed to manually install the HS45 drivers but I still have the same problem. It seems there are many others out there in the same boat. If anybody has a fix or can point me in the right direction, that would be great. It seems that one of Corsairs competitors has had similar problems after OS updates and have managed to resolve via firmware updates, however, I'm not sure how this will work if iCue cant see the headset. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hi I've been having this issue for 3 weeks now where iCue would just die whenever I launch a game, doesn't even matter which game. It does not give me any errors, it just dies and all the LEDs freeze. If I launch iCue again when the game is running it runs fine. I've checked the log but it doesnt seem to contain anything useful, though I'll add it to this thread anyway. I've tried reinstalling iCue multiple times (manually deleted all extra folders and registry records as stated here), tried with a clean profile, tried disabling the SDK and plugins, ... All without succes, nothing works. All attached devices are: Strafe RGB Keyboard M65 Pro RGB Mouse Virtuoso Headset MM800 RGB Polaris Mousepad I'm getting really frustrated about this since I really need my macro's in game, any suggestions? Thx! 2019-11-26T01-10-57.log
  11. Hallo, Ich habe vorgestern mein ICUE geupdatet und nachher neu gestartet. Jetzt startet ICUE nicht mehr. Das lade Symbol (Windows Kreis) erscheint kurz dann verschwindet es wieder. Ich habe auch eine Neuinstallation durchgeführt jedoch gleiches Ergebnis. Jetzt weiß ich wirklich nicht mehr weiter hoffe jemand kann mir hier Helfen. MfG, Chris
  12. I'm sure someone has already suggested this, but I wanted to share it anyways!:p: So.. all computers have this setting where you can set a certain period of idling time, after which the monitor turns off. But all your peripherals' lights stays on, no matter how long you're not doing anything on your computer. So my idea is this; I think Corsair should add this option in iCUE as well, so if users want to, they can set their peripherals' lights to turn off after not using the computer for a certain period of time. Corsair could also add the option to set iCUE to detect when the OS tells the monitor to turn off, and turn all peripherals' lights off at the same time. I'd love to see this feature added in a future version.. what do you guys think?
  13. After the latest iCUE Update, windows 10 will no longer go into sleep mode. It worked fine before, but suddenly stopped after the update. - System Availability Requests:System Required Request The device or driver has made a request to prevent the system from automatically entering sleep. Requesting Driver Instance USB\VID_1B1C&PID_0A1A&MI_00\6&adcc42&1&0000 Requesting Driver Device CORSAIR VOID PRO Wireless Gaming Headset - Disabling the iCUE software did not fix it, so it may be an issue with the latest driver/firmware, not sure. Anyone else having this problem?
  14. k95 Platinum Here are the logs s, I have tried completely reinstalling and deleting all appdata folders reg edits etc 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init: iCUE version: 3.22.74 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init: Updates server: https://www3.corsair.com/software/CUE_V3/ 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init: Build type: Public Release 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init: Applicaiton ID: 8352 2019-11-30T18:17:27 W cue.locale: Cannot find dir for qt *.qm files 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init.font: Using Regular text font family: "Open Sans" 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.init.font: Using Title text font family: "Gotham Bold" 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.hid_device_detector: Start worker thread. 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.devices.enum.hid: Leaving working state. DeviceEnumeratorBase::WorkingStateChangeReason::UserSessionPropertyChanged Session disallowed. 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.devices.enum.router: Leaving working state. DeviceEnumeratorBase::WorkingStateChangeReason::UserSessionPropertyChanged Session disallowed. 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.devices.enum.clink: Leaving working state. 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.plugin: Trying to load library: "C:/Program Files (x86)/Corsair/CORSAIR iCUE Software/plugins/CUEPlugin.dll" 2019-11-30T18:17:27 I cue.plugin: Library is loading, will check if it's plugin: "CUEPlugin.dll" 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.devices.enum.phost: Leaving working state. 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.plugin: Processing already finished 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.sensors.storage: SensorInfo load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.clink.configuration_manager: Cooling storages load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.profiles.folders.tree: Profile order deserialization started: "C:\\Users\\Doxnet\\AppData\\Roaming\\Corsair\\CUE/profiles/tree.cueprofileorder" 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.profiles.folders.tree: Profile order deserialization finished: "C:\\Users\\Doxnet\\AppData\\Roaming\\Corsair\\CUE/profiles/tree.cueprofileorder" 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.clink.ocp.storage: OcpSettings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.clink.device.hw_lightings: Old hardware lightings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.clink.device.hw_lightings: Hardware lightings load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 W cue.dashboard.widget_provider: Widget data storage load failed: Could not detect cereal root node - likely due to empty or invalid input 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.llaccess: Northbridge: AMD unknown 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.llaccess: Southbridge: unknown 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.llaccess: Slot count: 4 2019-11-30T18:17:28 I cue.actions.macro.win: Init time: 0.400837 (init: 2.5e-06 reset: 3.87e-05 ) here are my computer specs Latest windows 10 Update November 2019 Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD FX-8350 21 °C Vishera 32nm Technology RAM 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 805MHz (10-10-10-30) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 (Socket M2) 36 °C Graphics HP 24ec (1920x1080@60Hz) 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Undefined) 40 °C Storage 931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162 ATA Device (SATA ) 33 °C Optical Drives No optical disk drives detected Audio NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM)
  15. I have a self-build PC here (not built by me) that is performing very strangely. When it is turned on it starts up, everything turns and fans spin, but then it shuts down and the last code that I can see is 39, though I suspect there may be another that flashes quickly. It then goes throught the exact same process and shuts down with a code 39 again, but on the third boot, it stays on, however, there is nothing displayed on the screen and the Motherboard is showing a code 18 ... any ideas very welcome, please !!! The MB is an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390, I have removed the GEFORCE RTX2080 video card and gone to on-board graphics but it's made no difference.
  16. So I have ordered a MP510 to replace my Samsung as my OS/Program drive. I had a few questions in regards to doing a clean install on this drive. 1. Is it best to completely unplug my Sata drives before doing the install or will just disabling them in bios do? 2. Is it best to disable CSM and enable Secure Boot? 3. If I do a firmware update after installing windows, will that delete everything on the drive?
  17. I'm considering getting a Commander Pro for my upcoming build. However, I might want to dual-boot with Windows+Linux in the future. I understand that there is no official support for iCUE under Linux, but does the CoPro have internal memory to save the fan curves (and maybe LED settings?) set in iCUE in Windows? That is, if I use iCUE to tie my case fan speeds to e.g. the CPU/GPU temperature, or a reading of the included temperature probes, will these curves also be applied when booting into a platform without support for iCUE, such as Linux? Also, and this may be an obvious question, but it's not possible to control a fan through the BIOS fan curve, when it's connected to the CoPro, right?
  18. I've been getting into streaming lately and unfortunately, the way the Void Pro Wireless does the 7.1 processing does not play nice with streaming software. I have made my peace with that and decided to just use it in stereo but it won't work properly. I can set it to stereo mode in iCue but Windows 10 still recognizes it as an 8 channel headset, which breaks the stereo sound. For example, in games there is a clear disconnect between a sound source being in front of me versus to the side of me. I'm not sure how to set the headset as 2 channel in windows, as the setting is locked in the device properties. The setting can be unlocked by uninstalling iCue, but this breaks the headset.
  19. Currently running Software Version 3.4.95; Currently cannot update to the newest version. Couldn't remove the version off my computer by uninstalling the software. Couldn't remove it from x86 Files / Program Files. When clicking install I get an Error: " Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid " Currently on Windows 10 Home 64-Bit. Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems When attempting to update the app after a windows update it says "The older version of CORSAIR ICUE SOFTWARE cannot be removed. Contact your Technical Support group " and then the update disappears for a month or so.
  20. Our dev team is investigating the cause behind these crashes that some of our users have been experiencing with the most recent update to CUE. Here are some instructions for a workaround that should get most of you up and running again: Open up File Explorer and go to %APPDATA% Locate the Corsair folder and rename it to Corsair.OLD (or simply delete the folder) Start CUE and it'll recreate the folder If these instructions do not work in your case, please contact our support team at support.corsair.com, use the search feature of the forum to see other workarounds, OR create a thread and ask us/the community for help.
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