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Found 3 results

  1. Ever since downloading the Epic Games Launcher and downloading four games (~260GB total), my 2018 Corsair One's Wifi connection to my home wifi has not been working. When clicking the Wifi icon in the lower right of Windows 10, it will show the wifi is connected as if nothing is wrong, but if I try to load a website in either Chrome or Edge or try to load UPlay, Steam, or Epic Games Launcher, none can connect to the internet. Then, if I re-click the OS Wifi icon it will show the connection as having no internet. I've connected the Wifi to my mobile hotspot and it seems to work fine so the issue appears to be just with my home Wifi; however, all of my other devices connect to this wireless router and have worked as expected just fine for the past week. I've also tested an ethernet connection from the Corsair One to the router and this works too. The router is a Verizon Wifi 6 router. I've tried resetting it multiple times and also tried forgetting the connection in Windows, but neither has done anything. I've also contacted Verizon to see if they might be blocking that connection somehow since I downloaded so much data through that connection, but their tech support said there is no restriction like this. I tried uninstalling the wifi drivers and reinstalling them, but this had no effect. I installed drivers from the Corsair One website, but the system says the drivers already saved are newer and thus it won't install those older drivers. It appears as though every time I uninstall the wireless adapter and delete the drivers, Windows is pulling a backup from a folder (C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore), but I can't delete these files even though my Windows account is an admin. I've tried installing the newest drivers from Intel for the adapter model Wireless-AC 8265, but that has not fixed the issue either. I've tried going into the BIOS to see what options are there, but since I have a Bluetooth keyboard that has no USB connection option, I can't get the BIOS to launch. Any ideas?
  2. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Corsair Vengence 5182(https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y16KZHM/) & have had nothing but wifi problems since day 1 wondering if anyone has any guidance or if I should ship it back?(not very satisfied with support for a $2k PC). Support suggested reset the CMOS(they were kind enough to send me the incorrect troubleshooting instructions - for the Corsair One) & reset windows - Here's the thing - I'm not reseting Windows - this PC came new, if it needs a windows reset right out of the box I'll return it and get another brand that doesn't & I'm not taking the PC apart to reset the CMOS - again, I'll return it, I didn't pay for a prebuild to play PC-take-aparter simulation. Eventually I fixed the WiFi by setting the driver to only connect to my 5Ghz channel. Things were working okay(still slow, my other devices see ~200Mbps) for a day until I got a second monitor Asus 245 - as soon as I plug the monitor into the PC my wifi speeds drop to 0(or if I'm lucky 1Mbps) as soon as I unplug it the PC goes right back up to 60Mbps(still slow but playable) - I'm skeptical anything is wrong with the monitor or the cables I'm using - plugging the same cables into my mac & another PC the WiFi works at normal speeds. I've done the normal stuff I think(restart, cold start, unplug after starting, unplugging before starting, make sure all drivers are up to date, switch around the refresh rate to see if that helps, tried a few different cables) & still nada. Any advice? Thanks in advance
  3. Buenas, adquirí estos auriculares inalámbricos hace menos de un año y estoy teniendo un problema con ellos: luego de un par de meses de uso, cada vez que los conecto para cargarlos (no importa el nivel de batería que tenga, sea bajo, mediano o alto) automáticamente se desconectan, y cuando quiero volver a conectarlos, luego de más o menos un minuto se vuelven a desconectar. ¿Qué podría ser el causante de este problema? Preciso una respuesta lo más antes posible, gracias.
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