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Found 6 results

  1. There's a default screen for the Dark Core PRO SE on the Nexus which displays DPI, changes some Lighting Link settings (I hate that one, it messes up everything) and also the battery of the mouse. For whatever reason though, I cannot put the battery widget on a custom screen, there isn't any option in the "Widgets List" even though in the Dashboard I can add a widget for the battery. Oversight?
  2. Hello guys! Is there a way to reset default names from sensors? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello CORSAIR, I just buy that unecessary but so sexy tool : NEXUS. I'm just desapointed about "widgets" and "capabilities". In deed, my ICUE Center can provide many informations like - Battery status (ironclaw or Void elite) - Temperature of my GPU (MSI), or CPU (AMD 5900x) But i can't use these informations in nexus, and for some information, i have to use these horribles defaults screens... So my questions are : - Is there any feature to open these "librairie of actions/widgets/button" to reuse them in my custom and so sexy screens (they already exists, just permit the reuse)? - Why informations displayed in the icue center, can't be reused in nexus? (I'm full corsair or MSI (GPU + Mobo) but a can't take advantage of all my setup corsair Should i use the MACROS to do an ugly script that read informations to display them in a .txt? No? Corsair, you are the bests!!! Kisses
  4. Would it be possible to add a battery widget to ICue Nexus? The Voice prompt in my Corsair Virtuoso headset is great, but I have no external visual of my Corsair Dark Core battery status (Unless I have ICue up on my second screen or checking the battery level in the system tray) Alt tabbing to check it is not a huge pain but the ease of scrolling threw the Nexus screens is nice and it be convenient to see the battery status at a glance. Also is there a way to display percentages of the battery level instead of relying on "High" "Medium" etc....? I got this Nexus thinking it would just be a nice toy to check out once and while but I am really liking this product and want to see develop. In the future I would like to see a refresh of this product with a bigger screen and less bezel and better viewing angles.
  5. Hi there, What is the problem? At the moment all widgets with graphs (fan speeds, temperature readings and so on) adjust theyr Y axis automatically, so the reading shows a trend, but is not useful to determine the current value without reading the textual value. It would be better, if a graph would show the current value at a glance, without having to read the value itself (i think thats the idea behind a graph). At the moment a steady temperature at 27.56 degrees Celsius looks exactly the same as a steady temperature at 60 degree Celsius, but the second value is far more dangerous for the system. This would let you determine the current system status far more quickly. What is my suggestion? Include the following options into the settings of all graph widgets: - Choice between: a) Scale automatically (default, like now) b) Scale manually (let the user set a lower and an upper limit to the Y Axis). If the value falls below the manually set minimum value, just draw a line along the very bottom of the graph. If the value raises above the manually set maximum value, fill the graph completely. yours sincerly Christian
  6. I've been using Corsair products and software (RIP link) for some time now, and I have some ideas that I'm hoping the product and engineering teams (both hardware and software) have already considered or have on their road map. As an avid PC water cooling enthusiast and someone who has OCD, and needs system stats and vitals front and center at all times, I feel like iCue could use the following: 1. Standalone, lightweight (non system resource intensive) widgets that can display vital information like water temperature, D5 pump speed, fan speed etc. independently of the full iCue dashboard / software suite. The widget could be as simple as a rainmeter widget clone or an interactive wallpaper that can customized to suit the users needs. This leads to an actual hardware product that I think Corsair can execute and bring to market (see #2). 2. The widget can be supplemented with an iCue USB display that can be purchased separately, included with enthusiast Corsair PC cases, or users can leverage their own display. This display can be mounted within the case, outside of the case, or placed on the users desk. The iCue version of the display will have full touch controls which will allow on the fly profile changes, fan speed changes, rgb lighting changes etc. Last but not least the iCue display can show real time system stats like water temperature, D5 pump speed, fan speeds etc. You could even add a wifi radio to the unit and have it fully controllable through connected home devices like Alexa, Google, or just an iCue mobile app. Think of this as the evolution of the commander pro if you were to include IO for PWM fans, temp sensors, and USB. A commander Pro XT or Elite if you will 3. Allow Corsair iCue and other software to play nice. HWinfo and Corsair iCue can coexist. This is an easy fix that the software engineers could fix in an hour. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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