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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, the iCue software is not updating my water cooling software on the i300 (picture attached. Software is in German, unfortunately). When I click on "Search for updates", I only get the message "update failed". What is the current version (it says "1.00.07" on my system) and how can I update it manually? TIA, Markus
  2. Hey all! It's Mango again! I had a quick question regarding plugging in my xd5 pump to my motherboard! I was wondering what specific port i should plug it into. My EK pump orignally was plugged into the AIO_PUMP even though it was a separate pump and reservoir, not a combo. So, my question is; where do I plug it? I have a ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wifi). Do I plug it back into the AIO_PUMP port or a different port?
  3. I just installed a Corsair Waterblock on my 3080Ti Fe and the temp is now locked to 65C where it was running at 80+C when on its stock cooler. This is in addition to the core clocks decreasing as soon as I enter into a game going from 1950MHz to less than 900MHz. Precision is not locking the temp to 65 and all the settings are the same. Is there anyone who has an idea why the card is not behaving properly? I have found that the card is thermal throttling even though the core is at 68C Hwinfo is reporting the highest temp on the card overall is 104C thus the throttling. I assume it is due to lack of cooling on VRMS but am unsure, any ideas other ideas or ways I could confirm my thoughts?
  4. Hi, I'm new to this I have no idea how I should go about using the multi card kit with the Corsair's waterblock for the 3090 FE. I have the Hydro X Series XF Hardline 12mm OD Fitting but have no idea when I should actually fit this. Any help'll be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I've had the H100i v2 for three years and it works pretty well. However the two fans have degraded to the point that I constantly have to take the cooling unit out to fiddle with the fans and spray air into the mechanism in the two fans. And yet they still make a clicking and clacking noise all the time. So I need to buy new fans for the cooler, except I need to know WHAT fans to buy! I tried buying the proper MM size fans, but the power connectors where the wrong type. I could really use help on finding the correct type of fans that are the quietest and silent as possible, to buy for the H100i v2.
  6. Bonjour, Je possède un watercooling h100i platinium depuis plusieurs mois, et il n'est pas détecté par le logiciel ICUE. Le logiciel est à jour, tout est bien branché correctement et tout est censé être à jour dans mon pc, je ne comprends pas d'où viendrait le problème, car lors de la première semaine, il était détecté par le logiciel et j'avais la main dessus, tout était nickel, puis j'ai mis tout les drivers à jours et plus rien. Je ne m'y connais pas énormément, et j'aimerais que quelqu'un m'aide à trouver pourquoi cela ne fonctionne plus. Merci d'avance
  7. Firstly; regarding the Commander Pro, I know that the pre-built fan curves (Quiet, Balanced & Extreme) are based off the CPU die temperature as a source. However, with a notification event entry where I have a water cooling 10kΩ temperature probe connected to one of the temperature sensor ports, does (or can) the sensor's temperature threshold be used to trigger a notification event? I suspect the answer to be that all notifications are hard-coded to be triggered by a CPU die temperature threshold as you cannot set the input temperature source for notification event. If it is possible - good but if not, could this be added as feature request?
  8. Hello, I am new to the AIO scene and I wanted to know if my watercoolor will auto adjust rpm to cpu temp.:D:
  9. I've had this question for quite a long time. Why do most people connect CPU block directly to GPU blocks without radiators in between while building their water cooling system? It's also very common in manufacturers' example cooling systems. The coolant is heated by CPU block and then flows to GPU block without being cooled, and this is not good for cooling the GPU, isn't it? For example, I have two water cooling systems for gaming PCs, both using the same cases and 360 radiators: CPU block → GPU block → Radiator 1 → Radiator 2 → Distro Plate (with pump) CPU block → Radiator 1 → GPU block → Radiator 2 → Distro Plate (with pump) Do these two systems have same or very different thermal efficiency? If it's same or close, what is the reason? I personally prefer the second one, by the way.
  10. Hello, I'm thinking of buying the 4000x RGB for my first build. I want to put the h150i in the front, however, I don't know if my GPU will fit. GPU: msi rtx 3080 trio, 323mm max card length in 4000x: 360mm h150i thickness: 27mm That leaves (360mm - 323mm - 27mm) = 10mm to play with. Will that work? Because I don't know the gap in front of the radiator, but maybe the 360mm is just an understatement just to be safe... Fans do not need to be accounted for, as they're already in the case and I assume calculated in those 360mm. Sources: https://tekdeeps.com/corsair-4000d-airflow-and-icue-4000x-rgb-case-review/ (what google gave me for the query "corsair 4000x maximum card length") https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-4000x-4000d-airflow-review (also says 14.2in ~ 360mm)
  11. Hello Everyone, I have just bought a new H150i RGB Pro XT for my i7-8086K (not overclocked). Should be a bit of an oversized solution, but I'm already planning for the future :D: . Though I have build all my computers so far by myself I have no hands on experience with water cooling. So some issues arised and I am not sure if they are normal behaviour or not: (room temp 23°C, all tests with open case, radiator outside the case in a push configuration) At idle my CPU temp is 33°C At load (Cinebench R20.060) temp go high as 94°C with an average of 89°C At idle water temp (value from iCUE) is about 27°C and at load about 30°C There is (even at 100% speed) only minimal airflow through the radiator Pump has a very annoying high pitched sound (I already turned the case to get rid of possible bubbles) What I have done/checked so far: Turned the case in all direction and gave it a shake to release bubbles from pump Set all setting in iCUE to the highest possible Used an alternative cooling paste and checked if preapplied paste was in good contact (it was) On the tubes I can feel the water flow Radiator get warmish even on full load So maybe some of you with more experience with water cooling have ideas what I can try next. Any help is appreciated :winking:
  12. Greetings to all of you, I would like to know if the 1000D supports Thick rads in front like the EK Xe series those 60mm thick radiators in a push-pull configuration. I want to mount two 480mm Xe 60 mm thick rads in front with fans mounted in front and back as I will be using two systems the main being with 4 GPUs and a demanding CPU and will overclocking a bit which will eventually lead to a huge heat output that needs to be dissipated therefore the PP configuration in the only solution to keep the system as silent as possible while being effective. Having in mind that, I will be using two pump-res combos too each one for a system at a time. So is it possible? 60mm thick radiators in a push-pull configuration with 2 pump res too?
  13. I've been using Corsair products and software (RIP link) for some time now, and I have some ideas that I'm hoping the product and engineering teams (both hardware and software) have already considered or have on their road map. As an avid PC water cooling enthusiast and someone who has OCD, and needs system stats and vitals front and center at all times, I feel like iCue could use the following: 1. Standalone, lightweight (non system resource intensive) widgets that can display vital information like water temperature, D5 pump speed, fan speed etc. independently of the full iCue dashboard / software suite. The widget could be as simple as a rainmeter widget clone or an interactive wallpaper that can customized to suit the users needs. This leads to an actual hardware product that I think Corsair can execute and bring to market (see #2). 2. The widget can be supplemented with an iCue USB display that can be purchased separately, included with enthusiast Corsair PC cases, or users can leverage their own display. This display can be mounted within the case, outside of the case, or placed on the users desk. The iCue version of the display will have full touch controls which will allow on the fly profile changes, fan speed changes, rgb lighting changes etc. Last but not least the iCue display can show real time system stats like water temperature, D5 pump speed, fan speeds etc. You could even add a wifi radio to the unit and have it fully controllable through connected home devices like Alexa, Google, or just an iCue mobile app. Think of this as the evolution of the commander pro if you were to include IO for PWM fans, temp sensors, and USB. A commander Pro XT or Elite if you will 3. Allow Corsair iCue and other software to play nice. HWinfo and Corsair iCue can coexist. This is an easy fix that the software engineers could fix in an hour. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  14. I'm going to be upgrading to custom water cooling from air soon, and really don't want to have to buy a new case. I'm currently using the Corsair Carbide 175r, I know I can fit a 240 rad on top, but with my gpu length I can't fit a 280 in the front unless I put it in-between the front panel, technically on the outside of the case but still covered by the front panel, I'm concerned about the airflow with that option unless I modify the front panel extensively. My other option is to mount the 240 on top, and then hopefully a 120 on the rear, but I'm not sure both of those will fit, does anyone else have this issue or know if this radiator combo will work?
  15. Hey, I have a ticket regarding the H50 AIO and what TDP it is rated for, if anyone could point me in the right direction that'd be greatly appreciated :D: edit: PS ticket id is 2000771658
  16. Hi there! I am about to start piecing everything together, and am planning my tube runs, etc. In looking through the available manuals, Cant find one for the XR5 420, or Any XR5 size that would allude to which ports are in and out on the rad? I am mounting this up top on a Thermaltake view 71, with a push pull config exhausting from the top. I am using soft tubing the first go around, until I can get GPU Blocks from corsair for my 2080. Can anyone take a look at this and see if I am getting the correct setup going? I want it to look as Aesthetically pleasing as possible, but this is my first water-loop that isn't an AIO so any help would be appreciated. Below is a layout of what im thinking of doing. Light Blue = Perceived outlet (unsure if radiator is right) Red = Inlet Orange = Soft tubing Green = Drain Ball Valve with Male to Male adapter (The port is technically an inlet, but I think it can be used as a drain? Uncertain) If there is a black X, it means i don't plan on using that port. I want my flow to go something like this : Pump to Rad Rad to CPU Block CPU Block to Pump top outlet if possible. Now the line going from the Pump to the rad, Im curious if I can maybe droop this a bit for some better looks? I will have a vertical GPU so i don't need that much. I'm also considering flipping the CPU block internally so i can swap the inlet and outlet.
  17. Dear Corsair Team, just wanted to ask if there is a water cooling planned like the 'Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE' with LL-Fans just not in white ;) I own nearly the complete Corsair RBG-Suite in an Obsidian 1000D with LL-Fans over the complete setup with mouse, mouspad, keyboard, headset and stand. So i would like to get a water cooling that matches the setup and working properly with ICUE. Is something like that planned? By the way. ICUE is a great thing and working nicely in my setup. Great work!
  18. I was wondering if water cooling a GTX 1060 3GB was even possible! If so, would I do it with the HG10 N780, N970, or N980. Thanks!
  19. Project Name: The Powerful Pretty Pink Processor (The PPPP) Project Name Reasoning: I’m a creature of habit. My last buildlog, The Big Budget Boomer Box, was lots of fun to do, and rang up a ton of views. So….why not play off that name so that it’s got some immediate name recognition? Right? But same as last time, I’m way to lazy to type out The Powerful Pretty Pink Processor very often….so henceforth, it shall be referred to as….[drumroll].....The PPPP. Powerful? Yes….it will have some first rate components in there. Pretty? Yep. This build is for my [much] better half. And my wife cares more about how it looks….than what type of components are in there. Pink? Yes. Because she wants it that way. Actually….pink and black was her request. Pink and black together could look very sexy if done right. Plus, …. P > B. That’s just science. Goals: This machine will be used primarily for placing online Scentsy orders, and browsing Pinterest. I’m not kidding. Ok...maybe a little. But not much. But just because it’s primary purpose doesn’t require a lot of horsepower, doesn’t mean that I’m not going to make sure it would be capable of handling any chore thrown at it. The term “overkill” gets way overused these days. But it definitely describes what I’m going to do here. She doesn’t need a lot of powerful components to follow her Facebook friends. But she’s going to get it anyway. Overkill. And honestly...do you have any proof that she won’t be able to tweet faster with a pair of 780 Ti’s and a 5.0 Ghz processor? I didn’t think so. Again….science. Case Assembly Teaser: http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r622/cpachris/Mercury%20S8%20Assembly/pppp_animated_5meg.gif Updates: There is nothing worse than a dead and unfinished build thread. We’ve all felt the abandonment and depression this causes at some point in our forum lives. So first and foremost, I promise to finish. I made that promise with The BBBB and I’ll make it again here with The PPPP. The BBBB took about a year and a half to finish….but that build was something special. I’m planning on this build being more like a 3 to 4 month project, because I’ve got plans for another build this summer. I also promise frequent updates, with lots of pictures. Just like The BBBB, The PPPP will be very picture heavy. Lets be honest with each other....I’m already starting to bore you with all of this typing....right? Pictures are what makes us love the build threads, and I promise lots of them. I did a few videos in my last build log, and will probably expand on that concept for this build. So click “subscribe” now. Go on. Do it before you forget. Yes...now. This opening post will be edited as the build progresses with an Index and links to any significant progress updates. I’ll also update the Hardware Status parts list shown below, as I order and acquire the parts, and/or change my mind on what to get. Build Log Index: Opening Post - Your'e Reading it Right Now! Selecting a Case Picking a Pink Pink UV Sleeving Sample Pink and Black Sleeving Sample Corsair AX1500i Arrives! Corsair Fans Arrive! Simply the Coolest Animated Gif Ever PINK - CaseLabs Mercury S8 - PINK Corsair SSD's Arrive! Testing Pink Paint Samples Painting Some Sample Fans Fan Color Combinations - Solo Fan Color Combinations - In the Case Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM Arrives! All The Other Stuff In The Middle Final Pics of The PPPP v1.0 Benchmarks of The PPPP v1.0 The PPPP Version 2.0? Hardware Status: This section will be treated a little differently than in my last build log. I’m partnering with several sponsors for this build, and I don’t want to limit myself or them with the direction this build takes. My goal is to make it pretty, pink and powerful. Their goal is to showcase some of their nice components. Let’s just see where it goes, shall we? Instead of listing everything that I think I’ll get in advance, I’ll just show the components off with pictures as they come in. Plus...since this build will be about three orders of magnitude quicker than The BBBB was...I think it’s unnecessary to list off stuff in advance that might change anyway. Case - CaseLabs Mercury S8 Memory - Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 2133 Mhz C9 PSU - Corsair AX1500i Fans - 18x Corsair SP120 and 4x Corsair AF120 Storage - 2x Corsair GTX 240GB SSD - RAID0 More Fun Stuff to Be Announced Soon! My sincerest thanks to these wonderful companies for sponsoring all of the PPPP hardware.... http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r622/cpachris/PPPP%20Sponsor%20Logos/PPPP-Sponsors-1.png What You Can Expect Along the Way: While I’m not ready to give away all the components yet, I’m more than willing to share some of the things you can expect to see on The PPPP’s journey to completion: Custom Length Wiring Lots of Pink Sleeving Hard Tubing Dramatic Lighting Cable Sewing Custom Powder Coating Perhaps Some Dyeing? Lots of Pink Lots of Black Lots of Nickel Lots of Pink (did I mention that?) So subscribe now and let me entertain you with lots of computer hardware shots this spring. And some pink.
  20. Greetings fellow members of the corsair forums, today i wanted to request some time from you all to answer some questions about the Corsair H60 water cooler. So, about it, mine have been doing noises since the day i built my pc, it is worth mentioning that this is not my first build using the H60, i had a previous one wich unfortunately was burned by an adapter i try to used. Anyways, i will link a video i uploaded a few days ago so you can listen the noises and know which version of the H60 i have (i believe is the 2013 version) [ame= ] [/ame] I'm pretty sure the PUMP is guilty of the noises, not the rad fan. So, after some insight (once again) into how to properly set the H60, i came across some post around here saying that the PUMP should actually be wired to any SYS_FAN header on the motherboard to allow the PUMP to work at full 12v at all times by configuring the BIOS fan settings, and the rad fan on the CPU_FAN header, same thing i was told on the Tom's Hardware forums. The thing is that, i had the H60 wired on the opposite way, having the PUMP on the CPU_FAN header and the rad fan to the SYS_FAN 1 header, and even after changing it, noise won't go away. Temperatures are perfectly fine and stable, i don't have any complains about that So, i'm starting to be annoyed by all of this, and i beg for some help into how to set this thing properly so i can fix the noise (since apparently, the noise is cause by not having it well installed and configured) or at the very least, know why it makes such noises. I have a Gigabyte motherboard, the H370 HD3 and i have been warned that this is not a good Mobo for water cooling solutions, but i needed this Mobo in particular because of the amount of PCI-e connectors it has. Anyways, the BIOS Smart Fan 5 configs needed to be set by myself to make the H60 work well, and it has a lot of options in the configurations that i don't understand, so if you people need to know how i configured it as of now, i will provided it, but i hope the information i provided is enough for you to help me with all of this. To finish with this, i hope i have explained myself good enough and gaved you some insight into all of this, i really wish to understand this for once. Thank you for your time and pacience.
  21. I Recently Purchased new components to build myself a new PC and have had quite some trouble with this cooler. PC Specs: Mobo: MSI Z370A-Pro CPU: Intel I5-8700k Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz (2x4gb sticks) PSU: 750w Gold rated Modular The issue I've ran into is firstly the Fans and pump are running however, i can't seem to get them to show up in corsair link which lead me to check if it was displaying in the device manager, which i found is showing as an error code 43(USB Device Descriptor Failed) I've tried switching the cooler's USB port to the secondary, tried uninstalling the device, rebooting, uninstall Corsair link then reinstall, Move the Fan from CPU_Header to Pump_Header but none of these have changed anything. I have also gone into the bios to disable Smart Fan control on the CPU as well as enabling Legacy USB and the Dx?H?(i forgot the name of this) thingy which still did not work. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Hello fellow modders, i just got into watercooling and realized corsair uses a funky rgb connector... does anyone know if corsairs lighting strips will fit inside ek’s rgb res top?
  23. Hello, I have to place in the 570x, a thermaltake riing premiun 360mm. Enter the front? should something be modified? Also I have to put a gtx 1080 with a gigabyte z370 gamming 5 and 2 disks of 3.5 + 1 sdd
  24. hey people i have a great offer on used nzxt kraken x62 and i dont want to buy new overpriced piece. the struggle is: it is 280mm radiator and i want to fit it on top of the case. is there any way to fit in ??:confused: i dont mind making aditional holes for it on top or smh... :laughing: (i love the front 3x 120mm fans and i dont want to make it wierd with radiator) thanks for response
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