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Found 9 results

  1. First attempt at custom water cooling loop. Intel i9 9900k cooled by Hydro XC7 MSI Geforce RTX3070 gaming X trio cooled by Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acryl GPX-N Hydro XD5 Pump/Res Combo Hydro XR5 280mm Rad top Hydro XR5 360mm Rad front 4 x Corsair LL120mm RGB fans 2 x Corsair LL140mm RGB fans Clear Corsair XL5 coolant Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL 16GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz C18 All the fittings and PETG hard lines are Barrow, I likes the look of them The Corsair X stuff is really easy to use Temp wise while playing WarZone the GPU never goes above 60 degrees (was mid to high 60's air cooled) The CPU sits mid 60's, this is close to what it was previously with a Corsair Hydro X platinum AIO, show the great job the AIO's do now, they don't look anywhere near as nice though (in my opinion) I might change the top rad to a 280mm with 2 140mm fans at some point Also the GPU block is from Alphacool as Corsair don't make one yet, I might change it if they do (anyone know if there is one in the pipeline?), it would be nice to have iCue control all the RGB RGB on - not for everyone but I like it. RGB off - The blue/black GPU cables are on order, the yellow has to go! Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can improve are welcome
  2. I'm planning my first Custom loop on a Corsair Obsidian 500 SE and would love to get a new Quantum Kinetic FLT 360/240 instead of a regular corsair pump. There's any way you guys can confirm it's possible to mount it facing to the side panels like in the picture attached? I asked EK and they said that the FLT is 120mm wide, so if you have enough space there, then it will be possible. but I haven't purchased the case yet Thanks, :[pouts:
  3. I'm trying to see if my EVGA Geforce RTX 2070 Super Ultra XC is compatible with the XG7 cooler. The compatibility says it does not, but every other 2070 and 2080 model seems compatible. Am I missing something?
  4. Hey Guys, This is me starting a build guide for my next build which is, no surprise, a scratch build based on a style of the mirror dimension from Doctor Strange. Lots of glass, and orange coolant. Anyway, the case is also a mix in style of the InWin Tou and Antec Tourque. A few parts have arrived, but the specs are not definite yet. A rough idea is: CPU R7 3800X GPU RTX 2080 SUPER/TI (unsure of budget) MOBO Crosshair VIII Hero RAM 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200mhz PSU Aerocool Project 7 P750 COOLING EK Loop, DDC pump and 2 PE360s STORAGE 1TB 970 EVO, and then either another one in RAID or a 2TB hard drive (Depending on budget) CASE The design is incomplete, but my render so far is… Expect more detail soon, the rest of the parts are being bought on Black Friday. Ask Me anything! Murdoch
  5. This is my new build, sort of a build in progress as I do plan to upgrade this over the coming months. Specs are as per my profile, not OC'd at all as I build watercooling for silence not for performance, hence the all Noctua fans build. Machine is currently sitting about 50cm from me and I cannot hear it at all. Probably the first upgrade will be a set of cablemod cables for it (the stock RMi cables are too stiff Corsair!). Also planning to make my own reservoir to mount in the rear fan location so I can move the rear 140mm to the front and get rid of the weird reservoir mount.
  6. as far as i know it doesnt, but some pictures on pc part picker show a bracket, is it included? here is a pic: https://imgur.com/a/lqXNFdI
  7. Hey guys! I wanted to share this SPEC-02 build with everyone to show that it can be done. the front side radiator install was possible by installing the fans on the fascia side of the chassis. It's a slightly snug fit but as you can see it most definitely works. I'll add a short clip of my RGB effects on here by tomorrow if it allows me. Hope you like it. The first version looked a bit desperate to me as you will see but this second attempt worked out far better. Hope this encourages people to try new things! enjoy! :biggrin:
  8. Finished this build a while ago...well really it's never finished since I'm always tinkering with it but thought I'd post some pics of it for the time being. This is actually my first modded PC and first full custom loop. I'm planning on doing a bunch of stuff to it in the next few weeks including a fresh paint job for the case, new power supply cover and a new side panel (made completely out of acrylic), I also want to make a backplate for the graphics card and I might paint the motherboard white. So let me know what you think of the build so far and if you'd like to see progress updates. Oh yeah and any suggestions for improvements to the build are welcome.
  9. Hello, Let's start with my specs: Mobo: Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 7 CPU: Intel i7-4790k with Corsair H115i I have a question and not sure if it fine or not. When I run stress tests (like Aida64) I noticed that initial temperature jumps from 30-35C at idle, to 65C in a matter of a second, after that temperature raises till 70-72C and stays there. HOWEVER! Corsair Link shows all the time that the temperature of H115i (I assume water temp) stays relatively cold all the time (31-34C) I had the absolutely similar issue with my previous H100i :sigh!: and this is not due the poor contact between the heatsink and the CPU (I pushed the water block toward the CPU and temperature didn't change at all) So, what I have: idle temp: 30-35C CPU load temp: 70C H115i temp: 34C Also, while running Prime95 on 4790k I have 100C ... Is it the normal behavior? Or do I miss something? Thanks a lot in advance!!!
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