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Found 4 results

  1. Today I updated my icue and it ****ed up my computer I had to do a recovery in order to fix the issue do not update
  2. I have Dark Core RGB SE mouse and Void Pro Wireless headset. Those are great products, but the biggest problem is that these products won't tell user when their battery is going to be critical e.g. two hours of playing time remaining on that device. Nowadays the last thing I do I have to check the battery levels so if the battery is going to be low then I will plug it to charge (for overnight), but then there is those nights when I don't remember to check those levels and then mouse or headset might turn off on the next gaming session and then I have to find the cable and wait until device startups (= death in the game). I also don't want to put everything for charge for every night (And I didn't buy wireless devices so that I can use those with wires.). Corsair is making more and more battery operated devices. It would be nice if they would add some sort of "low battery warning" overlay notification to iCUE (overlay warning would appear briefly on the screen even on to of the game, so gamer would know that soon his device X will be out of power). It could also have some selection on the device settings that it could be turned off if user don't wan't to see those overlay warnings. What do you think? Anybody else having same issues with not knowing when the batteries are going to end on some device?
  3. I recently got an HS70 wireless headset, which I am really enjoying using. I was already using the iCue software for my Gaming Strafe RGB keyboard so it recognised it and let me change the settings. The thing I noticed is since having the heaset the Icon in the Taskbar is now a warning exclamation mark when the headset is turned off, which I usually do when not using it to preserve battery. I understand the warning icon on the headset itself because it can't get the battery status (though I would question that decision as well seeing I have been trained when there is a warning icon to investigate for new firmware, or issues, not just that the device is off). Is there a setting to turn this off? Or can this be logged as a bug or something. I get this being the default behavior for almost any other device (if my wireless keyboard wasn't connected I would want to know) but not for something as optional as a headset. A minor thing but OCD is triggered. Thanks
  4. Hello, For some reason with this new CUE release 2.21.67 ( for one thing it didnt show up as a new update in my already installed CUE), i have to install it manually and at 59% it stops and gives me this error saying "warning [1]. could not create shortcut corsair utility engine.Ink". At first it wouldnt go past the 59% and abort the installation but after wiping all of my temp files under CUE and restarting my pc its now letting me install it but no matter how i try, i always get that same error at 59% "warning [1]. could not create shortcut corsair utility engine" its up and running but it looks like its now not putting a shortcut file on the desktop like it used to after an update. I checked all the security options and this account that i am installing on has admin priveleges... something is wrong with this installer. I also cant right click it and run as admin to force the installation that way because this time it is a .msi installer file... would appreciate a fix or someone to help me. This is a first and im totally stumped.
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