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  1. I own a Corsair USB 3.0 64GB flash drive for almost 2 years. I bought it from a reputable re-seller in UK and I believe it is a genuine product. http://www.corsair.com/~/media/corsair/product%20photos/usb/flash-voyager-slider/large/fvslider_hero_a_open.png All were fine at the beginning, I started loading stuff, mostly vids that I would watch on my TV. The first issue rose up when it reached the 30GB of used area giving me error to copy files on it. I figured out that the drive was formatted on FAT32 and I re-formatted it to NTFS. That resolved the issue for that time... but when the drive begun to go over 30GB, became slower at times and once for the error that the USB drive is write protected and I should remove the protection by a switch on the drive. Of course my flash drive does not have such manual switch and I could not switch off the protection. The solution came from a friend that told me to use the Patriot USB formatting tool and that resolved the issue. I noticed that every time I was going over the 32GB I was risking to "enable" the write protect "switch" on the drive. So I thought is a fake one... I run testers but they found it legit 64GB drive, so it is not fake. I kept the limit of the capacity used at the 30Gb and all were ok. But, recently the "Write Protected" message returned, and this time the capacity used was barely 18-20GB. I used the utility mentioned above, and the drive was restored, copied back some vids and watched them on my TV. All fine, but when I returned to delete the vids from the drive, I got the error again! Restored it, saved files, unplugged it, plugged it back, tried to put more files... boom! "Write Protected" again! So, basically the behavior is very awkward the least! When I restore it and keep it plugged, I can write, erase, re-write and anything else on it, without issue. Once I unplug it... the problem returns. Also the Windows recognize it as "USB Drive" not as "Corsair", as it used to. I have tried to use it on 3 more computers, including Desktop and laptops, with Windows 7 and 10, all the same issue. Fresh Windows 10 installation and again the same issue. What I have concluded is... it might be a Firmware issue????? Maybe for some reason the Firmware on the USB flash drive is meshed up? But I cannot find any firmware for my USB. Is there any? Anyone can help me please? Or should I throw it and be done with it?? I have lost faith in Corsair's reliability :(
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