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Found 5 results

  1. For some of us, PC is the only platform to game on but there are some who choose to game on PC and on console. This article is to show which VOID Gaming Headsets work on which console and how to configure them on your PS4 or Xbox One. The PS4 supports most, if not every, USB headsets and Stereo headsets, allowing gamers to use them as a standard stereo headset and microphone. In our testing, we were able to get all four of our different versions of the VOID (Wireless, USB, Surround, and Stereo) working on the PS4. And there’s quite a bit to be customized with our headset such as adjusting mic volume levels, headphone volume levels, and what audio should go through the headset. To access these options, you’ll need to go into the settings. Once in “Settings” find “Devices”. In “Devices”, you will be able to see all additional devices supported, such as Bluetooth devices, audio devise, external mice and keyboards, etc. To configure VOID you will need to go into “Audio Devices”. Once in “Audio Devices” you can change your Input (headphones) and Output (mic) devices, as well as different volume levels. Under the “Adjust Microphone Level” setting, you will be able to see your Input Volume as your speak and if it falls below the “Good” threshold you can adjust the sensitivity by moving the slider until your input volume in the “Good”. It should look something like this: You can also change “Output to Headphone” settings so that it can have all audio go through the headset or just chat audio. These steps should work for the VOID Wireless, VOID USB, VOID Surround, and VOID Stereo. For those with an Xbox One, the console only supports stereo headsets or headsets that have 3.5mm audio jacks. This means only VOID Stereo and VOID Surround will work on the Xbox One. In terms of functionality, the VOID Stereo and VOID Surround will allow gamers to hear stereo audio and use the mic to communicate with other players. Here is a chart to break down what the VOID can do on each platform: Platform PC PS4 Xbox One Stereo Audio All All VOID Surround, VOID Stereo Microphone All All VOID Surround, VOID Stereo Surround Sound VOID Wireless, VOID USB, VOID Surround - -
  2. Win10, firmware v0.01 and i dont know why but i cant update it, i've tried iCUE 4 and older versions as well. My issues is with my new void elite usb rgb 7.1, the mic is very low that my friends on discord says im talking from a "void" and i cant boost the sensibility or put the volume higher, and the second problem is that i cant update to a new version of firmware, iCUE says v0.01 is the newest. Reading the forums i've already tried the following: reinstall iCUE and delete %appdata% corsair tried on iCUE 4 and older versions changed the mic on windows to DvD Quality installed an equalizer APO, better but still bad and the headset should work by itself checked the privacy settings for the mic tried to use it without iCUE uninstalled others pc audio drivers checking for conflicts disabled exclusive mode on windows sound properties forced to update on iCUE but still v0.01 iCUE should have more controls for the mic, not only volume, im seeing a lot of ppl here complaining about it and the mic of your headsets in special void series, i dont know what to do and im thinking of returning the product and selecting a new brand for headsets if i have no solution here, sad.
  3. The headset hardware mutes itself automatically when I plug it into my console(PS4) or my PC. The mute button on the headset itself works fine on the PC, but on the PS4 I can't get it to headset mute turned off. The mic works until the initializing sound plays, then it's gone. Nothing I try in the PS4 settings does anything, and there isn't a "disable hardware auto-mute" button in the CUE as far as I know. Any suggestions are appreciated. It was working up until a few weeks ago, if that helps at all. The headset firmware is fully updated. Tl;Dr: Mic started auto-muting on PS4 and PC, hardware mute button on headset works on PC but not on PS4, firmware is fully updated.
  4. Hello! I was thinking about buying Corsair Void USB RGB 7.1 (not the wireless one) and i was wondering if its compatible with PS4. I've read in a few comments on the internet that it isn't compatible with the console but i've also seen some posts about the wireless version being compatible with PS4 and i'm not sure if the wired USB version is the same?
  5. I was using the headest with my PS4 (and it still works perfectly fine on there) but just the other night I plugged it back into my pc, and the lights were on, and CUE even detected it, but there was no audio. I went into my playback devices and it said it wasn't connected. For whatever reason I thought 'removing' the device then re-plugging would solve my problem, but I think I accidentally made it worse. Now CUE still detects the headset, but anytime I try to change a setting, it crashes the app. I still have no audio of course but the lights are still on, and when I go back into device manager the headset is "unspecified" and when I try to install the drivers via device manager, it takes a long time to try to install them, then I get an error saying it stopped trying because it was taking too long. It says to check the device manufacturer's website for drivers. I already made a support ticket out, but I just thought maybe somebody here might know what I could try.
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