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Found 4 results

  1. Buenas, Acabo de adquirir los cascos Void RGB Elite USB y al probarlos he tenido que bajar el volumen de Windows al 06 por que se escucha demasiado fuerte. Hago pruebas de sonido con varias canciones, juegos, videos y si pongo el sonido a 30 me quedo sordo, se escucha demasiado fuerte (todo esto desde el propio controlador de sonido de Windows ya que por software de ICUE no hay modificador de sonido, solo del microfono). He probado a deshabilitar los de mas controladores de sonido que vienen con la placa base AMD High Definition Audio Device y Realtek High Definition Audio) y se sigue escuchando muy alto. ¿Pruebo a desistalar el software de ICUE o tengo que hacer alguna otra cosa?
  2. Hi all, I bought the void rgb elite usb headphones and when trying them I hear the volume too high. With both videos, music and games, I have to set the volume to 04 or 06 at most, because if I turn it to 30, I become deaf, not joking (all this from the Windows 10 sound controller itself) I have tried disabling the sound drivers on the motherboard (Realtek High Definition Audio and AMD High Definition Audio Device) and it still sounds too loud. Any idea why this problem?
  3. My Void RGB USB headset is no longer lighting up showing mute status like it used to. Also when using the mute button on the headset it no longer gives the little tone like it used to to indicate that it's toggled between mute and unmute. Is there a way to reenable this feature? I've tried unplugging/replugging, rebooting, flashing the firmware... nothing. It may be a question for the iCUE forum, but the settings to change the light don't seem to appear anymore in the current version of iCUE like they did in previous versions.
  4. Hello, on the Website of Corsair, they mentioned the function of automatic muted mic, when i flip it up, but i didn´t work. I tried it serveral times and the iCue Software is installed. How can i fix this problem? Thank you for help! Here is the Quote: "The wired and wireless USB versions of the VOID PRO also feature RGB illumination on the CORSAIR logo present on each earcup which can be adjusted in the CORSAIR UTILITY ENGINE (CUE). Additionally, these two versions of the VOID PRO automatically mute the microphone when you lift the mic boom (the base of the microphone will light up in red when it is muted)." - https://www.corsair.com/us/en/blog/VOID-PRO
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