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Found 15 results

  1. I cannot for the life of me get the sidetone activated on my PS4. I know this headset was designed for PC but the mic and audio work great for my PS4 plus they're comfy. The problem is I can't hear myself talk (sidetone) and therefore have no idea how loud I'm getting. I can get sidetone through the headset on the laptop, and it even remains after I unplug the usb receiver but as soon as it plugs into my PS4 I loose the sidetone. Game and chat audio are fine but that's not the issue. The issue is my wife is going to kill me if I can't keep it down and sidetone would help a lot. So far I have tried: 1 uninstalling/reinstalling iCUE and activating sidetone through the PC then plugging it into my PS4. 2 holding down the mute button to activate sidetone (voice feedback) On a side note, the headset buttons don't work on PS, not even the volume wheel. 3 soft reboot the headset itself by holding the mute button for 15 seconds until it turns off. 4 Contacting Corsair customer support. They said since the sidetone works on the PC the issue isn't with the headset. I know everyone here is a member of the PC Master Race and I am but a loley pesant console gamer but I throw myself up upon the mercy of the forums in the hopes that one of you, in you infinite wisdom, would bless an answer upon me. An unworthy gamer, Pickles4u
  2. My Corsair Void Pro Wireless works pretty well most of the time but has an annoying habit of not working when I play YouTube videos in Firefox. Sometimes, YouTube videos play fine in Firefox but other times, I have to play them in Chrome or other browsers. I'd like to fix this but don't know how. I am running Windows 10 and have the latest firmware and software for the headset. A reboot of Windows sometimes fixes the problem but not always. Does anyone have ideas on why my problem is (apparently) limited to Firefox and why it is intermittent?
  3. I am able to get audio playback and use the mic, but I am unable to use iCue features like sidetone.
  4. Guten Tag, Ich habe mein Void Pro Wireless seit Freitag und war ingesamt von dem Headset sehr begeistert. Doch am frühen Samstag, als ich das Headset anschaltete und Musik hörte, merkte ich ein leichtes Knistern. Es war kaum zu hören am Anfang, steigerte sich aber innerhalb von paar Minuten zu Tonabbrüchen und starkem Rauschen(Win10 x64). Ich habe gefühlt alle möglichen Dinge probiert, die mir in den Kopf gekommen sind: -Headset neugestartet, Dongle in verschieden USB-Slots -Firmware Update erzwungen, ICUE neuinstalliert -Wlan Kanal verstellt -Headset an anderem PC ausgetestet -Headset bei einem Freund ausgetestet Beim Letzteren ist mir aufgefallen, dass es bei ihm anscheinend einwandlos funktioniert. Ich habe für eine Stunde Musik abgespielt und es trat kein einziges Knistern auf. Somit muss es an meinem PC oder was anderem liegen. Ich bitte um Rat, da ich wirklich verzweifelt bin und ich möchte das Headset ja auch weiterhin nutzen, da es ansonsten tadellos funktioniert. Vielen Dank für das Lesen und eventuelle Hilfe, MfG
  5. For anyone still having this problem, I have a possible fix. Steps are at the end of the post. So I had this problem where the mic on my Void Pro Wireless RGB sounded like absolute trash and after going back & forth with Corsair tech support, they finally suggested the following solution and it worked. Well, my bf recently got the Void Pro Wireless RGB SE a couple weeks ago and out of nowhere he started having the random beeping problem. Forcing a firmware update didn't fix it, updating iCue didn't fix it, switching USB ports didn't fix it, uninstalling and reinstalling related drivers didn't fix it... We spent over two hours trying to fix this issue with no success. On a hunch I had him follow the same procedure that Corsair tech support had recommended to me and he hasn't had the problem since. That was a week ago now, so it seems to have worked, at least in this case. Good luck, I hope this helps someone. This is applicable to both laptop and desktop pcs. In Windows, Search for Power & Sleep Settings Scroll down to Additional Settings Find your current plan and select Change Plan Settings Click Change Advanced Power Settings Find USB Settings and expand it by clicking the + icon Expand USB Selective Suspend Setting If it says Enabled, disable it. On desktop pc, there should only be one instance. On laptops, there will be On Battery and Plugged In. Disable this setting for both. Click Apply and hopefully you've fixed your :brick::wtfman::rant::rant2:.
  6. I've been getting into streaming lately and unfortunately, the way the Void Pro Wireless does the 7.1 processing does not play nice with streaming software. I have made my peace with that and decided to just use it in stereo but it won't work properly. I can set it to stereo mode in iCue but Windows 10 still recognizes it as an 8 channel headset, which breaks the stereo sound. For example, in games there is a clear disconnect between a sound source being in front of me versus to the side of me. I'm not sure how to set the headset as 2 channel in windows, as the setting is locked in the device properties. The setting can be unlocked by uninstalling iCue, but this breaks the headset.
  7. Title says it all really. I have done every trouble shooting thing I can find. And there is still no audio from discord. My headset was working, sound was coming in fine but now no voice audio from other people on discord. My other wired headset works fine but these stopped working suddenly. And only with discord. All other audio comes in great but no voice/sound from discord. My mic works just no sound for whatever reason. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE, discord, drivers. I bought these specifically for discord use.
  8. I have 2 USB 2.0 slots at the top of my case, and normally i have the USB dongle plugged in the first USB slot. But now, when i turn on my headset, it connects but theres no speach note from iCue that the headset is on and i cant hear anything. When i plug the dongle into the second USB slot, iCue gives me the speach note but the sound is pretty bad (blunted). I restarted my PC multiple times and updated the driver, but nothing helps. Does someone knows how to fix that? (And sorry for my bad englisch btw, im from germany)
  9. Hey.my corsair void pro wireless headset do not charge or power on.I can not power the headset on even if i plug them to a cable the light of the headset appear as solid red,but it wont charge.what can i do to get out of bootloader mode?
  10. Is there any way to enable Void Pro wireless headset battery indicator to taskbar? I know that icue has that indicator implemented because my dark core mouse has it enabled and it's very useful for checking when i need to put my mouse for overnight charging without checking it's remaining charge from icue settings page every time before turning of computer.
  11. [sOLVED] I installed my Cue 2 program and opened it. It worked. Until I plug in my USB for the Void Pros and it crashes. It works every time I unplug the USB, but as soon as I plug it in, it immediately crashes it after it realizes the Voids. Help me out, please. They work as headphones but CUE won't stay open with them plugged in. I have tried: Uninstalling uninstalling with a deep cleaner uninstalling and rebooting after every step https://imgur.com/a/Cw8n0
  12. I have a Void Pro wireless and a Dark Core (non-Qi) wireless mouse. I'm running the latest version of CUE and have noticed that when I switch the headset from Dolby to Stereo mode and back, my mouse DPI will be reset to whichever default DPI I have set in CUE. I have 400, 600, and 1000 DPI configured in one DPI profile. 1000 is the default. If I have the mouse set to 400 DPI and I change the surround setting on the headset, my mouse will be set to 1000 DPI... I worked around it by having only one DPI active per profile, so it won't change. But I found this odd that changing a setting on the headset affects a setting on the mouse. I don't remember this being an issue before, but I just noticed it yesterday after playing around in CUE. Anyone else experience this issue?
  13. Hi there I am currently having some issues with CUE my keyboard headset and mouse are corsair and my CUE software keeps causing all my macros which aren't keys to stop working until i restart the software example i use a corsair scimitar and during random period my 12 keys on the side of the mouse will no longer register key presses i cant change profile via the profile switch button on my keyboard and my media keys stop working as well, is this the cause of a new update as it has just started happening this week my keyboard is a k95 my mouse as said is a scimitar and my headset is a void pro wireless. anyone else having this issue or had this issue in the past.
  14. When I attempt to use my Void PRO RGB Wireless headset on my desktop computer CUE fails to add the device to the list of configurable hardware. While this might seem to be a hardware problem with the headset, it works 100% as expected on my laptop. Behavior monitored: 1. Unplug headset dongle, the demo option for the void pro wireless headset appears in CUE 2. plug in dongle 3. Demo for void pro wireless disappears without being replaced, windows recognizes the device, options to select it appear in the playback and recording devices menus. Can even get it to function for audio playback and sound recording but cannot enable Dolby surround sound option or enable voice prompts/match colors with my other corsair products. No errors in device manager reported by windows Things that have been tried: Clean re-installations - 10+ times (Using both CCleaner and manually cleaning files and the registry) Different USB ports Deleting dongle driver in device manager and having windows reload the driver Deleting dongle driver and manually pointing windows to the same driv er from my laptop Disabling all non windows services and rebooting Trying in safe mode (Cue wont even launch) Disabling applications on startup that are not running the same versions on my laptop Older and now a newer version of CUE (Currently fully updated) Soft reset for headset Using USB cable with or without wireless dongle While these issues technically dont make the headset unusable, it does make getting sound based clues in games more difficult and is very frustrating. I have had a support ticket open for over a month now and have called the tech support line at least once a week, spoken to 4 different representatives and yesterday they said they were out of ideas so i'm turning to the forum to see if anyone has any insight into the matter. I have attached some screenshots and a resent export of the log files and due to file size restrictions not all fit so here is more information I loaded onto a fileshare http://www.mediafire.com/folder/uqi8gv92wcfl4/Corsair%20Files Excerpt from CUE Log files EDIT: Had a word split across 2 lines. CUELog_2_6_2018.zip
  15. Void Pro Wireless will sometimes display the wrong colour when connected to CUE and using lighting link (eg. when my keyboard and mouse emit orange, the Void will start with orange but move into red whilst everything else remains in orange). Not sure what is going on here but I have forced updated the firmware and CUE software and there seems to be no progress.
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