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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! Headset: Void PRO wireless RGB Whenever I lower or lift my mic the voice prompt says "mic off/on". Since the latest iCUE software update 3.33.246 however, it says that and also adds "Mic feedback on/off" which makes it incredible spammy.. :confused: I'm going to turn it off for now but even the simple sounds are spamming double commands. I tried soft reset and restart of my pc but no luck. Edit: A second restart fixed it. Idk why :) Also how in the lords name do I delete this thread? :)
  2. Jeppy

    Lost my USB Dongle

    I lost my wireless receiver for the corsair void pro wireless and I was wondering if I can get another receiver without having to buy a brand new headset again (im broke). I only saw one receiver for sale on ebay for $89.99 but that would be redundant to purchase as it costs more than what I originally paid for the headset and receiver at best buy.
  3. Not sure if this should be in the ICUE section, but....When I have my new headset (been using about 2 weeks, love it so far) connected and turned on, the headset battery status always shows as "unavailable" in the ICUE software. Any tips on how to tell how my battery is doing (since the heaset led seems to be unreliable as far as I can tell). Also, is it possible to use the headset while it is connected to the charging cord, as one can a phone or computer? Or is this strictly one or the other? Thanks.
  4. For about a 2-3 months period whenever i use discord randomly throughout the day while im on channel my microphone stops recording my voice, and the solution for this was to set active microphone in discord setting to default>Corsair void, or the other way around, but now its annoying and more often even sometimes i dont recognize my microphone just dies. I realize there were some other threads about that, but the link were outdated for me. Anyone got any solution?
  5. Hey guys. I'm having a bit of an issue with my Void Pro: It will randomly lose its connection to the transmitter. It's been happening for a while now, but it seems to be getting worse. It's not really a huge issue when it happens occasionally. I just have to hold the power button like I'm turning it on until I hear "powering on. Link established". But just in the last hour it's happened 5 times - sometimes within 10 seconds of being reconnected - and it's starting to get really annoying. I have the latest drivers, latest firmware, and latest iCUE software. I'm not sure which one is causing the issue. Does anyone have a fix?
  6. I've only very recently acquired a whole bunch of corsair products, so I'm still learning a lot of them. For a couple of days now I've had the Void Visualizer working just fine on my K95 keyboard, with the Void Pro Wireless headset. However today I did a couple of things, and now its no longer displaying the Void Visualizer design on my keyboard, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about fixing it... Thing 1# - I plugged in my new ST100 headphone stand, unplugged my headphone's wireless USB dongle from my PC and plugged it into my headphone stand. This is my first theory, that it is detecting sound through the stand and not the headset, but I've unplugged the stand and plugged my dongle back in other places on my computer and I still can't get it to work anymore. Thing 2# - I updated the firmware of my K95. Maybe there is a bug in the update? I'm really not sure but I wanted to put all the cards on the table and I was kinda doing everything at the same time. And just for clarity, I can display other patterns on the keyboard. I just want my music back on my keyboard :'( Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks in advanced *edit* UPDATE: Well now my icue software doesn't see my ST100 stand, but its still lighting up, and now my void visualizer works. I'm not gonna try to screw with my headphone stand, I don't wanna break anything again. but still any advice is welcome.
  7. I purchased this headset from best buy a few days ago and it was working as expected. That's until I got home today and it won't power up, not sure what to do, since forcing a firmware update isn't working because nothing happens when I connect the headset via USB. Hoping to resolve this soon.
  8. Got my new wireless RBG Void Pro head set a few days go and noticed that my ping has been higher than normal.... After trolling around I found one other poster with the same problem. Is any one else experiencing this? Does the software interface allow me to change the frequency of the head set so it doesn't interrupt/ slow my wifi connection. Other than this, the head set is awesome so far. -Thanks
  9. Hallo, ich habe mir vor ca. einem Monat das Void PRO Wireless gekauft, habe es wie in der Gebrauchsanweisung beschrieben mit meinem PC verbunden und alles hat super funktioniert, auch nachdem ich mir die Software CUE runtergeladen habe. Ich konnte alles einstellen (Farbe, deaktivieren des Mikrofons bei hochklappen, etc.). Danach habe ich ein Firmware update gemacht und plötzlich wurde mir nur noch das Void Wireless Headset angezeigt, nicht mehr das PRO. Selbst in meinem Gerätemanager wird mir nun das falsche Headset angezeigt. Ich habe also nochmal alles deinstalliert (Software und auch Headset habe ich nochmal komplett vom PC entfernt) und alles nochmal neu verbunden. Trotz kompletter neu Installation wird mir nun immernoch das Void Wireless angezeigt und ich kann sämliche Einstellungen nicht mehr nutzen, die durch CUE dazu kommen. Jetzt habe ich sogar versucht das Headset einmal mit meinem Laptop zu verbinden, der vorher noch nie damit verbunden war. Selbst dort wird mir sofort das Void Wireless angezeigt und nicht das Void PRO Wireless... Bitte um schnelle Hilfe. MfG
  10. Bonjour. Depuis hier et suite à un reformatage j'ai du réinstaller le cue. Seulement, après l'installation le pilote du casque n'est plus reconnu par mon ordi, le gestionnaire de périphériques m'indique que le pilote est mauvais mais en voulant faire une mise à jour il m'indique qu'il est bon. Une fois le CUE désinstallé tout revient à la normal et le casque est utilisable. Ce que je ne comprend pas c'est que je n'avais jamais eu de problème avant le reformatage de mon pc et la réinstallation du CUE.
  11. Hello, Forgive me if this is the wrong section, but I did not see one specifically for troubleshooting. I am the proud new owner of a Corsair Void Pro Wireless RGB headset. Listening to music, it causes a process called Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation to hover around 25% of CPU use, with highs of around 30%, which is obviously a problem. According to most sites I've found, it should not be nearly this much, listening to music or otherwise. I have disabled the SDK box in CUE, as well as tried a clean reinstall, which are solutions I saw in a thread of the same problem made two years ago to no avail. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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