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Found 8 results

  1. Los otros días me compre los Void Elite Pro Wireless y cada vez que pongo música o lo que sea se escucha de fondo un sonido estático, solo me pasa cuando pongo algún audio cuando lo paro el sonido se va. espero que me puedan ayudar muchas gracias .
  2. i have tried for years to get my surround to work on these 120+ dollar headphones. they have the same driver as the logitech set my brother has, but no matter how hard i try to change settings, download this, download that. re-install ique, uninstall it. no matter what i do i cannot get surround to work on them. at this point i feel i have been lied to, and these things are nothing more than stereo headphones. all i get is left and right, with some volume changing and some muffling on occasion, but no matter how many tests i do, i can never tell if something is in front or back, top or bottom. now, my brothers logi's with same exact part inside, does this task amazingly. so whats the deal corsair? am i stupid, or did you rip me off? (i have the void pro se rgb wireless, yellow ones from best buy)
  3. Hace como 2 o 3 dias mis cascos no funcionan. En Youtube No se reproducen los videos cuando los tengo conectados por el adaprtador de dolby si los conecto por el jack si que funcionan pero asi no puedo usar el microfono. Hasta entonces funcionaban perfectamente Usaba el antiguo software de Utility engine cuando dejo de funcionar asique buscando una solución instalé iclue funcionó al actualizar los driver pero al rato dejó de funcionar. Cuando reinicio al pc a veces funcionan un rato y a veces no. Estoy casi seguro que será por los drivers pero iclue no me deja (o no he visto esa opcion) de volver a mi antgua version de firmware. Este tema me está desesperando un poco por que ya no puedo comunicarme con mis amigos ya que era el microfono que usaba. Si me podeis echar una mano lo agradeceria muchisimo. Muchas gracias Aun uso windows 7
  4. Is there any way to fix the quality of the microphone. It sounds like I'm speaking into a styrofoam cup. If I adjust to closer to my mouth it sounds like I am eating the microphone itself. In the settings, the only thing you can do about the microphone is tuned it up and done. If you turn it up too loud to sounds grainy, while if you turn it down you can barely be heard. I used this headset to stream and just about everyone told me the same thing, "Sounds like you are far away". I would adjust it closer to my mouth and I would get "Stop eating your mic". I would record myself and get the same result. Also, a static appears here and there as well. Any solutions to go about fixing this?
  5. Hi. I Bought corsair void pro 2 days ago and i try everything for update my headset. It's always saying ''Your firmware Version is 0.01 and There is no newer version''. Please Help. Thanks.
  6. Hello, So just recently all of the sudden my microphone stopped working, and in games like CS:GO I couldn't talk. I tried to turn my mic off and on with the button on the side of the headset and also, tried messing around with the sound settings aswell. No luck. I got no idea why it just all of the sudden stopped working. Also, I'm a streamer so I kinda need to get the mic working ASAP. Thanks!
  7. Not sure to post this in iCUE or VOID Pro Surround. The EQ Presets option is great in game. However, does anyone has a good preset for Music and Movie (rather than the pre-installed). I don't have experience in changing EQ. If anyone can share their EQ profiles is great.
  8. I received my Void Pro Surround headset today and I've been attempting to resolve the surround sound problem to no avail. I've tried three different versions of CUE w/manual configuration and Dolby enabled. I've tried using Windows Sonic. I've tried several different 7.1 surround sound tests. There is no audible difference between LF/LS/LR - RF/RS/RR. It's simple left side or right side as if it were in stereo mode. The LFE portion of tests produce no sound at all. Can anyone assist me with resolving this problem?
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