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Found 9 results

  1. Bonjour, Depuis ce matin, le logiciel ICUE refuse que j'augmente la luminosité de casque Corsair . J'ai essayer de chercher des mis-à-jours, de redémarrer le logiciel ICUE et mon PC, mais rien n'y fait. Et le "curseur" pour augmenter la luminosité du casque est grisé et est bloqué à 0%, ce qui fait que seul mon casque est éteint. Avez-vous une solution à me proposé ? Merci d'avance.
  2. Bonjour , Cela fait 1 semaine maintenant que je n'ai plus de son dans mon casque .. J'ai contacté votre sav mais les réponses sont dans un délai de 3 jours et je n'ai plus de réponse de leurs par .. J'ai essayé de mettre a jour mes pilotes avec 2 logiciels différent ( Driver Cloud et Driver Booster ) J'ai mis à jour manuellement : - Ma carte graphique ( 1050ti) - Ma carte mère - Le contrôleur audio ( Realtek HD Audio ) J'ai testé tout les ports de ma tour , j'ai désinstaller puis réinstaller le logiciel ICUE Le logiciel ICUE et Windows reconnaissent mon casque , je peux gérer le son avec la molette , gérer les couleurs sur ICUE, le casque n'est pas muet dans le contrôleur audio le casque fonctionne parfaitement sur un autre PC ...
  3. Hello, I recently got a Void Pro USB headset, and had started to look at the sound features. When switching corsair profiles, I have found that it does not retain the surround sound setting that it was set to on the previous profile. Is there a way that I can isolate the surround sound and EQ settings of the Void Pro USB headset to their own profiles and macros, while leaving the RGB settings alone?
  4. Is there any way to fix the quality of the microphone. It sounds like I'm speaking into a styrofoam cup. If I adjust to closer to my mouth it sounds like I am eating the microphone itself. In the settings, the only thing you can do about the microphone is tuned it up and done. If you turn it up too loud to sounds grainy, while if you turn it down you can barely be heard. I used this headset to stream and just about everyone told me the same thing, "Sounds like you are far away". I would adjust it closer to my mouth and I would get "Stop eating your mic". I would record myself and get the same result. Also, a static appears here and there as well. Any solutions to go about fixing this?
  5. The microphone audio for the void pro is extremely distorted, almost as if it is crushing the audio. I have a recording of it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/82a69im3ru30k04/Distorted%20Void%20Pro%20Recording.mp3?dl=0 It seems that the feedback on the software is fine, but in discord, audacity, steam voice chat... it all sounds distorted.
  6. I've had this headset for a few weeks and it has started randomly disconnecting for some reason. I've checked if the 'disconnet for power saving' was on but it wasn't. Please, I need help because it annoys me a lot. Best regards, Sarcry
  7. like the title say and sorry my bad english,when my buy this heartphones the mic never work nice y need using a program to puts the volume more loud more DB ,here in the page say the mic are like 10 db but mine are like -6DB when me using the program to puts more DB some new updates or etc? can someome help me with this for not using other programs for more loud? also can someone say how to disarm the sponges to be able to wash them? many thanks to all :biggrin:
  8. So I’ve had my (excellent btw) Corsair Void Pro RGB Headset for a while now, and a few weeks ago the mic just stopped working with my PC. I can hear the audio perfectly well, though. I have done many things such as reinstall the drivers, uninstall iCUE, and even test it on a different device. When playing on the PS4, both audio and microphone work fine. This is a major problem and I need to fix it soon so I can play with my friends and stream. A quick and helpful reply would be great. Thanks.
  9. I just got the Void Pro RGB with the USB but the lights aren't working. I am thinking it is a hardware problem, but on the off chance it is a software problem, does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks. Edit: Downloaded the iCUE software and is started working
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