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Found 10 results

  1. Win10, firmware v0.01 and i dont know why but i cant update it, i've tried iCUE 4 and older versions as well. My issues is with my new void elite usb rgb 7.1, the mic is very low that my friends on discord says im talking from a "void" and i cant boost the sensibility or put the volume higher, and the second problem is that i cant update to a new version of firmware, iCUE says v0.01 is the newest. Reading the forums i've already tried the following: reinstall iCUE and delete %appdata% corsair tried on iCUE 4 and older versions changed the mic on windows to DvD Quality installed an equalizer APO, better but still bad and the headset should work by itself checked the privacy settings for the mic tried to use it without iCUE uninstalled others pc audio drivers checking for conflicts disabled exclusive mode on windows sound properties forced to update on iCUE but still v0.01 iCUE should have more controls for the mic, not only volume, im seeing a lot of ppl here complaining about it and the mic of your headsets in special void series, i dont know what to do and im thinking of returning the product and selecting a new brand for headsets if i have no solution here, sad.
  2. Buenas tardes, he tenido un problema con mis Corsair void elite usb. Estaba mirando una pelicula cuando derrepente los cascos se desconectan y aparece este error, he probado a desconectar todos los usb menos los cascos pero sigue dando el mismo problema. He probado a poner mis cascos en otro dispositivo y ha pasado lo mismo, no se conectan. Mis cascos no han sufrido ningun golpe ni caida.
  3. So I updated iCue this week and now all of a sudden everything seems much louder than before the update. In iCue, I have all EQ lines up, Dolby surround and Audio Repositioning active, with my Windows volume at 30%. Now everything sounds like it's at 40-50% volume, and I also have a random issue where if I pause a YouTube video, it has the chance to get EXTREMELY loud before going back to "normal". I've reinstalled my headset driver from iCue but that did nothing. What exactly is causing the issue?
  4. i've reinstalled windows as i got a new motherboard and cpu. this is narrowed down to my drivers that are for it, as if i disconnect the internet to my pc and use my headset there are no issues (this was when i reinstalled windows for the 3rd time trying to fix the issue), and as well, i decided to use a generic driver in device manager to see what it does (using 'software device' instead of 'audio endpoint' in the selection menu, see here: https://ibb.co/Z1fDz2L). before changing to this, after a random amount of time (a few seconds to an hour or two) audio would stop working, the headset would turn on fine and be detected in icue, however opening the little audio window and testing it by clicking on the audio knob would cause it to freeze instead of it playing any audio, as well some websites like youtube will freeze. this only stopped if i restarted windows, which would start again after said random amount of time. and after changing it my pc runs very slowly, and audio runs fine with it stuttering very bad every 30 seconds to a minute. i've found this corsair help guide and it did not work despite following every direction: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033489511-Fix-Corsair-headset-sound-issues-after-the-Windows-10-build-1903-update-or-an-iCUE-software-update as well, running with or without corsair icue doesn't have a difference in the matter of things as i still have issues with it. i've also tried to just reinstall the drivers and icue to no difference. im at a point where searching for my issue returns nothing and i have to buy a different headset, however i paid a pretty penny for this and don't want it to go to waste so early. if this is a firmware issue with the headset, i wont be able to fix it as the cable that came to charge and update it is damaged and won't function, i have other cords just like it (albeit not corsair brand) and they do not function when using them for updating the headset as icue is stuck at 0% and demands a corsair charging cable. also as well i've tried using front panel/back panel usb with no difference edit: it seems that the drivers have gone back to the previous state with the 'audio endpoint', however instead of it stopping randomly it will now restart. this happened once so far and currently writing this after it happened
  5. Hey people. Well, I just bought a new void pro on monday and I`m getting an issue with this. I use MacOS High Sierra and I installed the iCUE software to be able to set the surround (cuz I like to listen to music with surround on) and it plays the music for very well but after sometime it stops to play the music and I need to unplug and replug the usb adapter to get it working, but it still stop playing after a while. Can anyone helps me please ? I`ve tried to install an older version of iCUE but still same problem and it`s annoying me.. I`ll be very grateful if someone could helps me!
  6. I purchased my Void Pro Wireless today, and I was confronted with a really good mic in the app, but when listening on other software like discord, audacity or the feedback option in the windows options, it sounds really bad. I already have it on a high bitrate in the options (48000 Hz, DVD Quality) and I'm kinda out of options and can't find anything anywhere else. Can someone help me out? Would be incredible if so! -Tobi
  7. I've got the Void Pro RGB USB for awhile, and each time when the PC boots, the microphone does record sound, but the playback is not good, and I have to replug it each time I boot. There are numerous threads out there, like this. I found my solution before viewing this thread, but the solution is the same: Manually set your record quality to DVD. The mobo that I use is Gigabyte Z370 HD3, it has a built in Realtek chip. But the problem is that the issue is found not only on Realtek chips , but on audio controllers from other manufacturers as well. So I think the issue is not on Realtek, but rather the recording quality. By setting it to 48kHz instead of default 8kHz(which is known as "Telephone Quality" in Windows), the quality issue resolved, you actually hear what you expect(I actually find it better than my expectation, but my judge is probably not accurate because I used it in 8kHz for months). Moreover, the solution still works after I completely shut down my PC and boot it I hope Corsair can pin this, or integrate the community's finding to their official pinned thread.. Of course, a firmware update, or at least an auto configuration to set the sampling to 48kHz is the most desired measure. [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHAbYokrHAI]YouTube guide[/ame]
  8. So I plugged in my new headset for the first time. Didnt connect it to my PC first, just wanted to charge it overnight then do the rest in the AM. When I plugged it in...nothing happened for at least 5 minutes. So I tried turning them on. The earcup logos just cycle through all the colors and eventually the infomic LED lit Amber. The manual states that the earcups light up different colors depending on battery level while charging. Not for me. Just rainbow. So I plugged in the USB Dongle, installed CUE, made sure everything is up to date. I disabled a custom lighting effect just to make sure it wasnt overriding the charging LED setup. So, with the headset on...I get ZERO indicator of charging status on the headset itself...the software does say CHARGING however. Now, when I turn the headset off, and then plug them in nothing happens for a minute or so, then just the mic LED lights up...but no Earcup LED effect. It would be nice if the earcup LEDs lit up and showed charging status like it claims its supposed to do. Anyone able to shed some light on this? It just seems like they arent doing what they are supposed to. Thanks!
  9. I bought this headset 2 days ago and it's playing a high frequency ("low volume") ringing on the left speaker. It's really annoying. I've uninstalled the CUE three times and nothing has changed. The noise gets louder when sound plays and stays that way for about 20 seconds.
  10. Shi

    VOID Wireless Dead

    I recieved my Corsair Void wireless today and was trying it out and worked fine for a while. After restarting my computer because the EQ's kept changing as if I was touching the volume control, the headset was turned off to stop it also. It hasn't turned on since, the device is recognized when I plug it as Averna with some numbers, and the dongle seems to work fine. I did force an update and then tried pairing, but still no lights or anything to show life in the headset. Looking to get help or if I should send it back for warranty repairs.
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