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Found 12 results

  1. Win10, firmware v0.01 and i dont know why but i cant update it, i've tried iCUE 4 and older versions as well. My issues is with my new void elite usb rgb 7.1, the mic is very low that my friends on discord says im talking from a "void" and i cant boost the sensibility or put the volume higher, and the second problem is that i cant update to a new version of firmware, iCUE says v0.01 is the newest. Reading the forums i've already tried the following: reinstall iCUE and delete %appdata% corsair tried on iCUE 4 and older versions changed the mic on windows to DvD Quality installed an equalizer APO, better but still bad and the headset should work by itself checked the privacy settings for the mic tried to use it without iCUE uninstalled others pc audio drivers checking for conflicts disabled exclusive mode on windows sound properties forced to update on iCUE but still v0.01 iCUE should have more controls for the mic, not only volume, im seeing a lot of ppl here complaining about it and the mic of your headsets in special void series, i dont know what to do and im thinking of returning the product and selecting a new brand for headsets if i have no solution here, sad.
  2. Under other circumstances the headset works fine, but when it is plugged in via USB and I am using an Xbox One controller also plugged in via USB, the headset will turn itself off at random intervals with no sounds or notifications. Just having the controller plugged in does not cause this, but using it in a game does. Unplugging the headset will fix this issue, but plugging the headset in again after the controller is no longer in use will often cause random shut-offs again (reboot is required to fix). I have tried disabling/enabling the CUE software, uninstalling/reinstalling it and no changes to the problem. Has this issue or anything similar come up before and is there any known solutions? Thanks.
  3. Evening all. As it says in the title i have just recently acquired a VOID ELITE headset. I then noticed that the power button was wobbly compared to the solid sitting of the MIC button. the power button was also sat rather flush with the headset unit. Has anyone had the same issue and if so what was the feedback on this. is it normal? Any help much appreciated.
  4. i've reinstalled windows as i got a new motherboard and cpu. this is narrowed down to my drivers that are for it, as if i disconnect the internet to my pc and use my headset there are no issues (this was when i reinstalled windows for the 3rd time trying to fix the issue), and as well, i decided to use a generic driver in device manager to see what it does (using 'software device' instead of 'audio endpoint' in the selection menu, see here: https://ibb.co/Z1fDz2L). before changing to this, after a random amount of time (a few seconds to an hour or two) audio would stop working, the headset would turn on fine and be detected in icue, however opening the little audio window and testing it by clicking on the audio knob would cause it to freeze instead of it playing any audio, as well some websites like youtube will freeze. this only stopped if i restarted windows, which would start again after said random amount of time. and after changing it my pc runs very slowly, and audio runs fine with it stuttering very bad every 30 seconds to a minute. i've found this corsair help guide and it did not work despite following every direction: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033489511-Fix-Corsair-headset-sound-issues-after-the-Windows-10-build-1903-update-or-an-iCUE-software-update as well, running with or without corsair icue doesn't have a difference in the matter of things as i still have issues with it. i've also tried to just reinstall the drivers and icue to no difference. im at a point where searching for my issue returns nothing and i have to buy a different headset, however i paid a pretty penny for this and don't want it to go to waste so early. if this is a firmware issue with the headset, i wont be able to fix it as the cable that came to charge and update it is damaged and won't function, i have other cords just like it (albeit not corsair brand) and they do not function when using them for updating the headset as icue is stuck at 0% and demands a corsair charging cable. also as well i've tried using front panel/back panel usb with no difference edit: it seems that the drivers have gone back to the previous state with the 'audio endpoint', however instead of it stopping randomly it will now restart. this happened once so far and currently writing this after it happened
  5. I created a ticket through Corsair support regarding this, but thought id ask here to... I need to find an archive of Corsair Firmware/Driver versions for the Wireless VOID headset. The issue is that the headset works absolutely fine, except with Bria, which is a VoIP soft phone. In Bria, i can test audio devices and playback is fine and mic is picking up, but in calls, the other person can hear me, but I cannot hear them. This issue has happened before and a simple driver rollback solved the issue. However, because i freshly installed Windows 10, i do not have this option and now i cannot use Bria. I have to find a way to resolve this because Bria is used for work. If anyone knows where i can find at least the previous 5 firmware/driver versions, that would be incredibly appreciated. Il wait to hear what Corsair support says, but if someone knows of a fix now, thats even better. Current Firmware Version (Dongle and Headset): 38.01 Windows Device Manager Driver Version: 10.0.10586.0 1000 and 1 thanks in advance. :)
  6. I have a Corsair Void Pro headset, a Glaive mouse, and a K95 RGB keyboard. I have two problems which happen when I run the iCUE software on my PC, and I can confirm these issues only happen while iCUE is running. When I force quit iCUE I no longer have these issues; 1. My headset mic won't un-mute when it is muted. The iCUE software displays as if the mic is un-muted when I pull it into the speaking position, but the red light remains on the headset and no audio is detected through the microphone. 2. The forward and back buttons on my mouse don't work. I tried remapping these keys in iCUE to forward and back, and my devices react with their RGB colour changes when the buttons are clicked, but the forward and back functionality doesn't work. Again I would like to highlight that if I quit the iCUE software everything functions as-normal.
  7. Hi guys I have the void pro gaming headset (wire) as you may know it comes with a USB dongle. My PC (Running Windows 10 ) can't find the headset when I connect the USB dongle. even the small light on the dongle is not working when I connect it to the USB. If I will connect the headset using the normal Jack I will be able to hear the sounds but I can't use the Mic. I tried the following things: 1- Disconnected it and Reconnected it again 2- Shut down the PC and remove it from the electricity and reconnect it again 3- Reinstall the iCue software (It can't find the headset also) 4-Run Windows update 5-Remove all the driver fro the USB ports and devices and reinstall them from the devices manager 6-Update the Realtek software 7-Use a 3rd party dongle 8-Try to add a new device from the device manager but it couldn't find it 9-Checked the privacy setting for the mic 10-Connect the headset to my Corsair keyboard USB port directly 11- Checked the windows service for the USB ports and made sure that they are all set as (Running) 12- Update the motherboard firmware Now I don't know what else I can do to solve this issue :mad::[pouts:V
  8. My Void wireless gaming headset is not charging any more, the light on the mic is constantly red. The battery status on iCUE says 5%. And whenever my headset is off with a charger plugged into it, it doesn't give off any lights. I have tried multiple cables and multiple energy sources, but cant get it to charge. What can I do?
  9. So I have the Void Pro RGB headset, and ever since I first got them, I get this really weird issue with Dota2. No issues in any other games (CS:GO, Fallout 4, Skyrim, PUBG, etc). Basically I'll start up my game, and whether i'm on the main screen, or in a match, or any other UI of the game, if I minimize the game for any reason, there's probably about a 30% chance that when I re-open the game window, I will drop from 100+ FPS to 3FPS, and my game will stutter, by about half a second. Everything from my mouse cursor, to the sound of the game volume, to the actual background of the game will lag. It's the strangest issue, but it only occurs during Dota2. I've tried re-installing drivers & iCue, and it doesn't seem to make a difference whether I'm in fullscreen mode, or windowed mode. I'm using the latest version of iCUE, v3.17.94 Anyone have this issue?
  10. Ich bin langsam wirklich am verzweifeln das ist jetzt meine letzte Hoffnung in diesem Forum. Erstmal war ich SEHR von Corsair überzeugt (Qualität,Produktvielfalt, 1 A Software ... ) aber als ich das erste mal Kontakt zum Service aufgenommen habe war ich schwer enttäuscht... erstmal zum wesentlichen ich habe mir nach dem HS70 das VOID Pro RGB zugelegt und war mehr als zufrieden damit. 2 Monate nach benutzen des Headsets bemerkte ich einen kleinen Riss am Gummi des Mikrofons genau an der Stelle an der man das Mikrofon auf und abklappen kann, daraufhin habe ich das Mikrofon auch nicht mehr bewegt und habe versucht ein wenig Kleber auf den Riss zu geben welcher aber nicht hielt. Wie es das Pech so will habe ich eines Abends als ich nach Hause kam das Headset angehoben um es aufzusetzen und da fiel das Mikrofon samt Kabeln und den Kabeln die innen verbunden sind ( Lötstellen wie das aussah ) ab. Als ich mich nun mit dem Support in Verbindung setzte wurde ich nur auf englisch kurzgefasst damit abgespeist das ich mir ein neues kaufen muss da man da nichts machen kann ... nun komme ich mir schon ein wenig verarscht vor da ich von einer Firma die "auf dem weg zum weltweit besten Service und Garantieprogramm" ist mit so etwas abgeschoben werde... ich würde sellbst eine zu zahlende Reperatur in kauf nehmen ich seh es nur einfach nicht ein mir ein nagelneues Headset zu holen nur weil das Mikrofon teil abgefallen ist ... mir kam es so vor als wollte mich der Support einfach schnellst mögllich wieder los haben. Ticket nummer wäre die #848859
  11. Shi

    VOID Wireless Dead

    I recieved my Corsair Void wireless today and was trying it out and worked fine for a while. After restarting my computer because the EQ's kept changing as if I was touching the volume control, the headset was turned off to stop it also. It hasn't turned on since, the device is recognized when I plug it as Averna with some numbers, and the dongle seems to work fine. I did force an update and then tried pairing, but still no lights or anything to show life in the headset. Looking to get help or if I should send it back for warranty repairs.
  12. Today my highly anticipated Corsair VOID Gaming headset came in the mail. I have never used a gaming headset that used a separate USB dongle to control the surround sound… overall the headphones sound incredible equally in Dolby and stereo. The Issue: Raid time approached and I joined Discord via the windows 7 64 bit desktop application and every single time I push down my mic PTT button the game sound goes right though the mic and my voice (no matter how much I shout) doesn't come out the other side. Any support you folks might be able provide me would be significantly appreciated!
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