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Found 11 results

  1. Guten Tag, Ich hab aktuell das Problem dass Ich keine earpads für mein Void RGB Wireless headset bekomme. Diese sind leicht größer als die von dem Void pro RGB wireless HS (oder so heist das) weshalb ich Probleme habe Ohrmuscheln dafür zu finden. Ebenfalls heisen die Ohrmuscheln im Shop auch PRO weshalb es die Suche dadurch noch komplizierter macht. In dem offiziellem Shop auf deren Seite finde Ich die exakt passenden Ohrmuscheln jedoch verschiffen die nicht nach Europa und nur in die USA. Vielleicht findet einer von euch doch noch was denn Ich bin seit Monaten schon am suchen. Headset ID: CA-8910036 Ohrmuschel ID: CA-9011135
  2. Im sure this has been brought up a million times and one, but troubleshooting has been a struggle. We have been going between getting the sound to work and getting the mic to work, but now the issue seems to be the Realtek driver might be overriding something with the headset when we plug it in? (words from my friends, not me whos also running some troubleshooting. The headset and mic are coming up as Realtek and not corsair) We checked the 3.5mm ports and those work with other devices, and we checked the headset on other computers and it works there. What are some things we could be missing besides doing fresh installs of drivers and such.
  3. Hey guys I bought a new Void Elite 7.1 USB headset. I have already installed the Corsair Icue but even with that the sound is so low and bad with USB connection. When I try 3.5mm its better than USB, but with this I cant use mic. Can you guys help me for that please?
  4. I have aproblem with my Corsair Void Elite RGB headset :(: When I turn on my computer iCue software starts and automatically configures my headset. The thing is that I try to turn on the mic but it doesn´t work even if I do it from iCue or from the headset´s button. I tried looking up on the Internet about this problem but I didn´t find something useful. I tried to uninstall and install iCue but the problem is still on. How can I solve this ?
  5. Hello, I have looked though reddit and this forum and performed all sorts of registry edits and cleaning and so on and nothing seems to help me. In trying to fix the fact my Void Pro Wireless mic was not being detected, I uninstalled iCue with Iobit Unintaller Pro which generally works perfectly for me. I followed other posts here and removed all Corsair directories from user app folders, program folders and registry entries. Yet if I try to reinstall, iCue says a version is already installed. I had 3.27.68 installed and was using that to reinstall. Nothing works to fix the issue of reinstalling, device manager does not detect either my ST100 or Void Pro, seperately or together.
  6. Hello all... first and foremost I’ve tried everything I can from looking around other forums. Here’s what I got going on. My I cue is detecting my void pro as the regular void (the wired version) and it’s not let me do the mic on off with the arm. Kinda annoying. I’ve tried reinstalling and resetting my mic but it keeps doing the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Also it may have been due to unplugging mic while force updating??? Not to sure.
  7. Bonjour, Mon casque VOID PRO WIRELESS 7.1 a un petit problème, il reste continuellement en MUTE (LED rouge) J'ai beau abaisser le micro ou appuyer sur le bouton MUTE, impossible qu'il se réactive, j'ai aussi essayé de le réactiver via icue mais le son du micro est bloqué sur le plus haut et impossible de le faire baisser ou de l'activer. Le casque et le micro sont bien détectés dans WINDOWS et sur iCue, j'entends bien la voix qui dit "Micro Off" Auriez vous une solution à m'apporter ? J'ai déjà essayé de reinstaller plusieurs vieille version de iCue (2.18.81 et 3.4.95) mais cela ne fonctionne pas.J'ai aussi essayé sur un autre ordinateur, mais j'ai le même problème. Merci à vous
  8. Hey people. Well, I just bought a new void pro on monday and I`m getting an issue with this. I use MacOS High Sierra and I installed the iCUE software to be able to set the surround (cuz I like to listen to music with surround on) and it plays the music for very well but after sometime it stops to play the music and I need to unplug and replug the usb adapter to get it working, but it still stop playing after a while. Can anyone helps me please ? I`ve tried to install an older version of iCUE but still same problem and it`s annoying me.. I`ll be very grateful if someone could helps me!
  9. I purchased my Void Pro Wireless today, and I was confronted with a really good mic in the app, but when listening on other software like discord, audacity or the feedback option in the windows options, it sounds really bad. I already have it on a high bitrate in the options (48000 Hz, DVD Quality) and I'm kinda out of options and can't find anything anywhere else. Can someone help me out? Would be incredible if so! -Tobi
  10. Recently recieved a new Void Pro Wireless, and a few minutes ago, it made a weird bleeping noise, and on iCUE, a red warning symbol with "Malfunction" was in for the Battery Status. I shut my headset off, and booted it back up, now the USB dongle doesn't deliver any sort of charge, even after plugging it in and out of different ports. what do i do???
  11. hello i recently updated my ICUE and now the launcher will not pop up on my screen even if it is running in the task manager. im on windows 10 so all the old ways to get to things are gone for me i cant use the run for the appdata folder and i cant get my search feature to work with me. that being said i dont know what the most recent version was because i mistakenly just clicked update. i have used this program for years and this is the first time this gave me a issue with it. i have the "Corsair Gaming VOID Surround Hybrid Stereo Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 USB Adapter" back in 8/18/2017 and have had no issues with it until now. but sense i updated the program to the newest version i have lost the Dolby surround sound and all i hear is just the flat mono sound i have done a complete uninstall and reinstall and i have the same issues can anyone possibly offer any assistance?
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