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Found 10 results

  1. I have recently picked up a pair of virtuoso xt and I am quite disappointed that it is not able to switch between audio sources seemlessly on pc. On my old virtuoso non-se, I can simply switch the audio output between my speakers and headphones by toggling the (wireless to usb) button. This is such a big QOL feature and why is it not available on the xt? On the xt, I have to bring up the sound tab on windows and set the device as default. It feels like a massive downgrade to me that I have to switch the audio output manually on the xt. There are also posts on forum and reddit which report the same problem, but it remains unsolved.
  2. I just go the virtuoso xt and i can change the color on iCue but it doesnt want to save the color i set it to when icue is closed or its disconnected from icue like it will with my other pc components. I would like to keep it set to red not the default blue when icue is closed or when im paired to my phone via bluetooth. Is this possible and i dont know what im doing with this messy software or is it just not currently possible?
  3. I bought the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Headset recently. (CA-9011185-NA) I unboxed it and plugged it in. It was an awesome experience, for about 10 minutes. After which I was prompted by iCue to update the firmware. Immediately after updating the firmware with the headset and dongle plugged directly into the USB on my system, my headset and dongle started blinking red. Now they will not work. Since this, I have tried numerous fixes from this forum as well as the FAQ and across other forums. I submitted a ticket with support as well. All I can find are articles where the author is looking for a fix and Corsair contacts but never resolves or they never contact and the author ends up giving up and returning the product. I don't really have a lot of confidence this is going to be resolved for me. If anyone other than Corsair customer support can reassure me or has encountered this and knows what to do, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Buenas, acabo de comprar los Virtuoso RGB Wireless hace apenas 5 días. Sólo que comencé a tener un problema que realmente no logro entender. A veces la conexión por USB tiene un pequeño fallo y se escucha un pitido, sin embargo lo extraño es que sólo sucede cuando los tengo puestos y me levanto de la silla. Es como si tuviera un falso contacto, pero si no los llevo puestos, incluso agitandolos para replicar el fallo no sucede. Otra cosa de la que me di cuenta es que el volumen es más alto cuando está en modo wireless que cuando está por conexión USB. ¿Alguna idea de a que se deba?
  5. Hola, Se me han roto las almohadillas de mis corsair virtuoso y me gustaria saber si existe alguna manera oficial de comprar recambios ya que no he encontrado ninguna. Gracias
  6. Hi I bought a virtuoso yesterday, I was so happy before playing Apex Legends, I don't know if it is a game or headphone problem, with the star exploding or firing any energy weapon, the sound is distorted, Its a problem of my headset or its a problem of all the virtuosos ? :(:
  7. Hello there. So I have had this headset for about two months, great headset but I’ve been having problems for about a week now. I don’t know what caused this issue, but my headset no matter how long it has been charging (I have used a wall outlet, a portable charger, and via computer USB) when I unplug the headset I hear “Battery critical.” It also displays a blinking red next to the USB charging port whether it is charging or not. Currently I have the headset plugged into a wall outlet with the button in the middle to ensure it is off. My only option for work-related calls and video gaming is to walk around with the headset plugged into a portable charger which can be very inconvenient. I am currently running on Dongle Firmware v 0.16.80, firmware v 0.17.149 and ICUE software version 3.34.170 To be clear, the ICUE device settings tells me the headset is charging when I am charging it. Additionally, I am now not hearing any audio output from the voice prompts (Charging battery, battery critical, etc). I also went into a voice communication software where I was unable to hear people joining/leaving channels (the headset is not picking up my audio output either). Any help would be appreciated Edit: audio drivers crashed, headset audio works it’s just the battery issue.
  8. Whenever I've put my headset down for periods longer than 10-15 minutes and it goes into an off-state, I find it struggles to reconnect back to my PC. I have to remove the device in the control panel to get it to reconnect. Is there a setting to help with this?
  9. Bonjour ! Mon casque Virtuoso SE RGB a plusieurs soucis dont je ne connais pas la source puisque j'ai installé tous les bons drivers et maj récemment et plusieurs fois. Les problèmes : -Lorsque je joue à différent jeux iCUE affiche plusieurs casques (ce qui cause plein de problèmes de son puisque le son est envoyé plusieurs fois) -Lorsque je branche mon casque en câblé (pour justement résoudre le premier problème temporairement) il y a un bruit blanc en fond désagréable -Souvent les LED de mon casque se figent sur une seule couleur -Mon casque est renommé "Virtuoso (1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1) [...]". Ce problème n'est pas grave mais peut sûrement aider à trouver une solution Tous ses problèmes font que je ne peux pas jouer en mode sans fil à des jeux, et donc j'ai un bruit blanc en permanence en fond. Merci de vos réponses !
  10. I purchased this headset yesterday and have been having many problems with it. ICUE freezes all the time and doesn't register the headset and when I turn it on/off I get no sound and even though windows detects it it will not play any sound. Earlier ICUE registed two of the same headset, I cannot get the headset to not sound muffled even though I have tried many eq settings and recently I have started to notice crackles in discord audio or even in games. Some things of note I have the receiver plugged into a little extension that came with my Razer Manowar way back but, that is plugged into my front usb and I have never plugged the headset into my computer directly I have only connected it wirelessly if that matters. The mic is good but the software and the sound inconsistencies are really turning me off of this headset I don't want to have to restart my comp multiple times a day just to make sure my audio works or ICUE is detecting my stuff.
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