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Found 8 results

  1. I was playing Among Us while on a Discord call, then suddenly my left cup went silent. I didn't do anything for this to happen, so I thought it might have been an iCUE bug/issue, but plugging them through 8mm jack didnt work on my piano keyboard nor through USB C into my phone. I bought this headset on january, it cost me 247 dollars, which is not cheap at all if you ask me. I've handled them very carefully as they are the result of months of saving up money. Is there anything I can do? I can't afford to buy another headset since I have to pay my college tuition. I also tried submitting a ticket but the page doesn't allow me to because of uknown reasons. I asked on Discord for help but none cared enough to help me submit it. Please, I'm really scared and desperate.
  2. Hi, As said in the support ticket I made weeks ago, here's the situation : My headset is a VIRTUOSO RGB with his dongle, I noticed some weeks ago that my dongle isn't working anymore so I asked a new dongle. Got it today, but the Icue software doesn't recognize it. It show it on Icue with a red triangle, saying "There's a problem u must reconnect it", but after 10 times reconnecting it, I im lost. alll i can see in the Icue software about the dongle (the new one ofc), is the update in the settings and it shows my dongle version is "v. ?" and so i guess its the problem with my headset not pairing to it. When i press the update button, it show a lil pop up and then make it dessapear. Second problem, when I start Icue and my dongle is with the red triangle. When I press on it, my Icue software crashs. Any help ? I didnt buy a wireless headset to listen wired.
  3. Hi, I have been using my RGB virtuoso wireless for 3.5 months. I have recently noticed the audio breaking sporadically when gaming, watching videos, listening to anything at all. I have tried to reinstall drivers, removing the dongle, uninstalling iCue, restarting and reinstalling. In the wireless mode, the issue persists and it is quite annoying as a user. I can say however, it works perfectly fine in wired mode. Can you please help, and do you have any input why this is happening? Could it be related to Windows 11?
  4. Alright I haven't seen anything similar doing a few searches the past few days. So sorry in advance if this is already somewhere else. So I recently had to do a complete wipe of icue because on startup it would load correctly but when re-launching it was using a different version of icue and would not update. So I think somehow it was using files from both icue 3 and icue 4 idk how or why but that's what I think was happening. So wiped out both of those went and cleaned the registry. Reinstalled and started having issues when turning the headset on and when reconnecting if i walked out of range. The mic does not automatically turn on the led is off even though I have it set to always be on. No light when turning on the headset and no input to the pc until I press the mic mute button. this could be a discord issue but it started happening at the same time as these issues. But when reconnecting sometimes the mic will not transmit to discord even though its working and I have side tone on and I can hear myself. If anyone has any ideas please let me know and thanks in advance.
  5. Just got from from a flight. My headset seems to be dead, no signs of life. 1 - Oddly enough, it works when I plug in the 3.5mm jack 2- USB mode and wireless however, are completely unresponsive, no audio, no led signs, nothing. 3- I Doubt it's broken from the banging that happened during the flight as I left the headset inside the package it came from (It's cushioned exactly to pretect from banging). Any suggestions ? Is it actually broken ?
  6. Hallo, Ich habe ein neues Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless und habe Probleme mit meinem PC zu verbinden. Über das Klinkenkabel kann ich das Headset ohne Probleme nutzen, wenn ich es über das USB-Kabel benutzen möchte, funktioniert es nicht. Es blinkt dann rot und pulsiert, befindet sich auch offensichtlich im Ladevorgang. Ich habe das Headset jetzt schon sehr viele Stunden laden lassen, es hört aber nie auf zu laden. Ich habe dann versucht das Headset über die iCUE Software mit dem PC zu verbinden und habe dafür den USB Dongle in den Computer gesteckt. Sobald ich das getan habe, erscheinen Dongle sowie Headset im iCUE-Programm, allerdings steht beim Headset "nicht verfügbar". Ich habe versucht das Headset zu koppeln bin den Anweisungen des Programms und führen. Der Dongle hat weiß geblinkt und versucht sich zu verbinden, aber das Headset hat sofort wieder rot geblinkt und pulsiert und es ist auch bei längerem Warten nichts passiert. Klappt das Verbinden nicht, da das Headset nicht vollständig geladen ist? Wenn ja, wie bekomme ich es denn vollständig geladen bzw. wie lange dauert das?
  7. Hello, after updating the iCue Software to v.4.13.223 the Wireless Receiver got an update to v. 5.4.99 whichafter it stopped connecting to the Headset(v.0.17.149). The Headset itself is working perfectly fine while in wired mode and connected via the USB cable. When I connect the Receiver to any USB Port it flashes Red for a while. The iCue Software recognizes the Receiver and displays version number 5.4.99. The force update option for the Receiver is clickable but does not do anything. When I set the Receiver to Playstation mode "USB Wireless Receiver Pairing" is not clickable. If set to Multipoint then "USB Wireless Receiver Pairing" is also not clickable. The Option to Pair additional devices is Clickable and Prompts a new window to open which descripes where to best connect the Wireless Receiver to. Confirming that prompt closes that window after which nothing happens again. Re-Installing the iCue Software did not change anything. I already contacted Support 3 days ago, but got no response yet. I hope there is a way to resolve this issue.
  8. Hi altogether, i recently bought the Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless headset because of the awesome microphone and reviews that are out there,... but there are some issues that make me kinda sad and im not able to solve them,... i've seen the global thread to the "SE" edition, but i was not sure if i should post my issues there or not - so i decided to make a separate thread to not cause any confusion (they still are different products). I will start with the issues, followed by what i've already tried to fix them and the version information at the bottom. Issues: Default Device Format ALWAYS changes back to 8 channel, when the Headset is being turned on (from "sleep" or via the switch) - which screws up all open programs soundwise. i need to reboot Discord for example to have it work again, that is annoying because i dont realise it sometimes that it happened - and then other guys write me like why im not responding anymore... - also, sometimes i randomly lose connection which also seems to trigger that "change" in default format setting (every... time... the headset is "turned on"). but with the 8 channel that annoying white noise is there... Windows boot takes up about 20x times as long when the headset is turned on before windows has booted - if the headset is turned off it boots reaaaally fast ~1-2 seconds (the windows 10 boot circles) but if the headset is powered on beforehand, it takes 20-40 seconds (if not even longer!!!) to boot into windows 10. Even though i hear the information "Charging complete" the battery status is set to "high" at most, never been "Full" + I've never ever reached the ~20 hours of battery life, and i have it about a week now. 14hours at most - with DEACTIVATED leds. What i have tried: I have seen and tried the Soft reset. i also tried the mentioned "fix" for the white noise issue with the 8 channel set by windows. It did not help. I did force the update for the dongle - did not help either. (see versions below) I dont know how to fix it in any way Dont know either, i dont even have the microphone led active when the headset is not muted - do i have a faulty battery? (When i bought it last week - i followed the instructions and had charged it full before using it) Same here - just as today: before starting to work from home at around 9am i got the Audio notification that the charging is complete. And just now while writing this text (8:20 pm - so arround 11 hours later (!!!)) i receive the "Battery Low" notification - how is that even possible? do i have perhaps a damaged battery?? i dont get it... Versions and Settings: First i had the iCUE version 4.x installed. But since ive read on reddit and here in the forums that some user advise to use the more stable oder 3.x Version i switched to it, but in my case it did not do anything... Softwareversion iCUE: 3.38.61 Dongle Firmware v.: 0.16.80 Windows is up2date (Win10 v.20H2) i really do like the sound, and i rather dont want to return it, but if we cannot sort these issues out, i need to look for a more "stable" configuration. Hope that someone hast any idea to these issues! Kind regards, arc0n
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