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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I have my headset on firmware 0.17.149 (ICUE V3) and i want to update it on firmware 5.2.68 (ICUE V4) I want to know if someone has the firmware file (.zip or .bin) to update it manualy via icue V4. Because my Headset is blinking red. Thank You
  2. As the title says, it simply stopped working after a Firmware update happened, just the wireless at least, wired works 100% fine. I think it might be a pairing problem, but I'm not too sure, once the head set is set to wireless it stays blinking red, IQUE doesn't detect the headset, and the USB also blinks red, but it is being detected by IQUE, in device manager and Sound (for picking/disabling audio) the USB is being showed as "Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless SE Gaming Headset" and whenever any audio is on, I.E Youtube, I can clearly see some audio is being "tracked" I've tried finding old firmware for the headset online, but I couldn't find any at all. I've updated both the receiver and the Headset (with USB) many times, and no update fixes it. I've had the headset for about 6 months now, and wireless stopped working within the 2-3rd month. The attached image on device manager shows the wireless headset and microphone being detected, but the IQUE image clearly shows that the headset it not being detected, so does the Sounds Windows has no problem with finding the headset, so it should clearly work, it just... doesn't Ive uninstalled drivers for the USB, and the headset many times I've also let the Headset die and fully charge, didn't work (saw that it might be a solution) I've also, also, reset windows, a fully fresh install. changed From IQUE 4.?? to IQUE 3.?? back to 4.?? a few times Thank you.
  3. After using the Virtuoso RGB SE on both the computer and PS5, there is an extreme loss of functionality that should have been able to be stored in the headphones: iCue. Will iCue ever be implemented to be stored inside the headphones and/or dongle so the settings can be used in the PS4/PS5/XBOX? Having a completely flat sound with so little bass and high-end treble makes these headphones unusable with PS5 for me, as important audio events in games are either completely missed or so diminished that they can be confused with other sounds. If this is not possible AT ALL, please make a new headphone product that supports hardware storage of settings, just like my Dark Core Pro SE does. Thank you
  4. Ich habe am Samstag (1.5.2021) ein Firmware Update für das Viruoso gemacht Jetzt kann ich es aber nicht mehr Per Wireless verbinden ich habe auch schon den Dongel in alle USB Anschluss ein gesteckt Bilder https://ibb.co/QFYBvdZ https://ibb.co/5sht14P
  5. Bonjour, J'ai un problème sur mon casque Virtuoso Wireless SE il ne se connecte plus à son dongle et ils font de la lumière rouge clignotant (micro, dongle, diode sur le coté gauche du casque) sauf le logo Corsair sur les côtés du casque qui est en bleu clair. Le casque fonctionne en mode USB avec micro. J'ai forcé la maj sur le dongle avec ICUE en v4 qui a marché mais sans succès, j'ai fait de même avec le casque mais avec ICUE en v3 car impossible de le faire en v4 car bouton grisé, Maj réussi mais sans succès. J'ai essayé de réappairer le dongle et le casque mais il reste bloqué sur la vérification du branchement du dongle, appairage testé depuis les paramètres du casque, car dongle bouton grisée. Le casque a commencé à clignoter rouge car je l'avais laissé en mode Wireless plusieurs heures sans l'étendre et dongle débranché, j'ai rechargé le casque toute la nuit et rien n'y fait. Merci d'avance.
  6. Bonjour, Je viens vers vous pour vous demandez de l'aide par rapport à certains problèmes que je viens d'avoir sur mon casque corsair virtuoso SE. Premièrement, lorsque je branche mon casque avec la prise USB, les LED présentent sur le casque se mettent à clignoté en Rouge et un cliquetis se fait entendre. Le second problème est que quand j'essaye de le mettre en mode sans file, le transmetteur USB est reconnu mais le casque reste indisponible sur iCUE et aucun son ne sort du casque. Quelqu'un aurait-il la solution miracle à mes problèmes ?
  7. Hello everyone, I´m new here. Honestly I immediately joined this forum because I have a super annoying issue with my headset. As soon as I move like 4 meters from the slipstream USB it disconnects and reconnects again. This is super annoying and I don´t know why it´s happening. Background info: I did just move a router into my room and have cabled internet on my pc now. Maybe this somehow interferes with it? Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  8. I am currently encountering an issue triggered by the AMD x570 USB dropout mostly but due to that I found a bug in the way iCUE/Discord interacts at least on windows 10 pro. When the USB dropout occurs, or I switch between wired and wireless modes, I have issues with discord inbound voice channel audio. I can't hear anything from anyone in the voice channel but they can all still hear me until I leave the channel and rejoin or sometimes have to restart both iCUE and discord. When this happens I still hear all application sounds from discord such as the bings for entering and leaving channels and all my other system sounds still function. The issue triggers at the exact moment iCUE reconnects to the headset. For example, when using the headset in wireless mode I can be in a voice channel and talking fine, I switch to wired mode and everything continues to work for a few seconds on the windows driver until iCUE reconnects and I hear the "Mic Muted" or "Mic On" sounds from the voice prompt. The instant this happens I lose all output coming from the voice channel. If I do not have iCUE running I never see an issue but then I dont get the 7.1 surround mode. Normally I would just deal with it as mode changes are rare but in combination with the ongoing x570 issue it happens very often and is very very frustrating. I can either have 7.1 and the annoying green light on my mic turned off or I can have stable communication with my friends/squad. To make things more interesting, I am unable to reproduce this issue on a machine with the same headset, icue, and discord versions that is running windows 10 home 1909. (Intel x99 chipset). Another thing to note is on the windows 10 home computer the system tray icon for iCUE is RGB and full color. On my Windows 10 Pro machine, the system tray icon is black and white. Have no idea what is going on with that. Things I have tried: 1) The solution detailed in the issue for windows patch 1903 2) full clean installs of both iCUE and Discord 3) Running iCUE as admin 4) Running discord as admin 5) Running discord in compatibility mode for both windows 7 and 8 (both with and without admin elevation) I have never had a different icue version on this pc or discord version as I rebuilt/reinstalled within the last week. There are very few things on my system right now. Any help/tips anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. iCUE Verison: 3.37.140 discord version Stable 77192 Windows: Windows 10 Pro 20H2
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