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Found 9 results

  1. After my vaction the headset (Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE) isn't starting. When connected to power all LEDs are flashing red (the mic, ears and the small status LED on the Bottom). There is also a quite crackle sound coming from the speakers. I tried already the folloing thinks: Installed latest iCUE Software Installed latest Firmeware (force install) on the Dongle Updated Windows 10 Rebootet many times Tried different USB Ports Tried USB and Wirless mode on the headset Used Different Chargers Updated Motherboard drivers Removed the Headset drivers and installed them again Different USB Cables This small clip shows the problem: [ame] [/ame] Do you have any Ideas?
  2. Comme dit dans le titre du post, mon casque fonctionne très bien lorsque branché en USB, mais lorsque je le passe en wireless, il se met à avoir des coupures de sons très courte (1-2 secondes) mais aussi très récurrentes (1-2 minutes). J'ai bien évidemment essayé de ré-installer le soft depuis ICUE mais rien, j'ai donc ré-installer ICUE lui-même mais rien non plus, j'ai testé plusieurs solutions déjà énumérées dans divers postes précédents mais rien ne fonctionne non plus, serait-ce un problème de fabrication ? Merci de votre réponse !:sigh!:
  3. Hello forum, New user here. Just got my first wireless Virtuoso RGB. I did a brief search on google and on this forum and didn't find any similar posts (sorry in advance if i just suck at searching) I am a very functional user and have not much use for lightning. I know i can turn it off. But I thought it'd be a great idea to reflect battery level that via lighting so i don't have to charge it compulsively or be obsessed with the battery level task bar icon. If it is already possible, could anyone please let me know how? If there isn't a way to do so right now, is there a way to make such suggestion to the company/dev's? (Is the feedback thread suitable for this?)
  4. Guten Tag zusammen. Ich habe seit kurzem das Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE und war eigentlich sehr zufrieden. Allerdings habe ich seit heute das problem das sobald ich den Wireless Adapter einstecke sich die lautstärke automatisch auf 100% stellt und sich auch nicht wieder runter regeln läst, bis ich den Adapter wieder entferne. ich habe schoin einiges versucht, wie z.B. die iCUE Programm Deinstaliert, Neustart,... Nun bin ich etwas Ratlos und hoffe ihr könnt mir bei diesem Problem weiter helfen. Betriebssystem ist Windows 10.
  5. I have a corsair virtuoso rgb wireless gaming headset. but i cannot find any equalizer profiiles that are specifically for gaming and hearing footsteps. Any profiles you think are good and work good, please share them with me.
  6. It's been only a couple of weeks since I bought my pair of Corsair Virtuoso RGB - Carbon headset, and to be honest I'm mostly disappointed. The quality is lackluster at best, for that sum that they go for. On my first week the little cylindrical decorative piece at the base of the microphone came loose, after two weeks the volume wheel started to work sporadically, making it completely useless, I try to adjust the volume up but it goes down, trying to decrease the volume but it increases, it jumps around like crazy, so I manually set the volume though the Volume control in Windows and don't even dare to touch the volume wheel. Curious if anyone had similar problems with the volume wheel on their Virtuoso headsets.
  7. the name of my headphones is filled with 1s (see attachment below) Ive run out of ideas on how to fix it can someone help?
  8. Hello All, I come here today in search of some help. I purchased not too long ago a Wireless Corsair Virtuoso Headset and ended up losing the dongle that comes with it that allows it to be wireless. I emailed corsair support and they sent me a replacement dongle. I am currently having issues connecting my new dongle with my existing headset. I've gone ahead and followed the pairing directions on the iCue Software and still no results. Any help provided would be appreciated.
  9. I recently purchased the Virtuoso RBG Wireless (regular, not the SE) at PAX East because one of the representatives there told me that it’s a headset that would would for PC, PS4, and XBox. I’m a streamer, so going down to one headset was something I was very interested in. I’m able to get audio into the headphones just fine, and the mic works as well. My only issue is that it refuses to mute, despite getting the mute noise indicator and the mic itself going red. I haven’t tested it on PS4 yet, but this is a problem for me. I haven’t been able to find any solution to this issue on the forums; most of what I’ve seen had been the mic stuck on mute. Anyone have any ideas?
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