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Found 8 results

  1. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem beim Einstellen der LS, via Videobeleuchtung. Meine Config bei einem 28" Monitor ist: 350 - 350-250 - 350 - 250-350 iCUE lässt mich dieses Setting nicht auswählen. Es ist gefixt auf 250-450-450-250-450 (Einzel-UW-Monitor), was jedoch zu lange ist und die einzelnen LEDs entsprechend falsch beleuchtet. Wenn ich die einzelnen LEDs auswähle und als Schnellbeleuchtungszone fixe, rechnet die Videobeleuchtung weiterhin falsch aus. Wenn ich die LS als externe Strips Einstelle, kann ich zwar die Längen und Reihenfolgen selbst wählen, jedoch geht dann die Videobeleuchtung nicht! Gibt es dafür eine Lösung?? iCUE ist v4.9.350, also bis dato aktuell.
  2. Hi, I purchased the LT100 starter kit this week, installed iCue 4 and set up my towers. The towers are detected, I can arrange their position and use all lighting features perfectly, except for Video Lighting. Everything else is seamless but I can't get anything to light up on the Video Lighting setting. The two towers just go blank and nothing works. I tried using iCue 3 instead, same result. I have an ultrawide monitor but can't see any settings to select screen or screen size. Anyone have any idea why this would be please?
  3. I have an open support ticket going for this, but we haven't made much progress so I'm hoping to croudsource some help. Problem: New LS100 Starter Kit initially loads up in iCUE but then it freezes when I try to change lighting programs on it. Device gets stuck on a static lighting pattern and stops responding to iCUE app. Then the light strips either go dark entirely or return to the default Spiral Rainbow pattern and disappears from iCUE. Other facts: -LS100 works fine in iCUE on my old laptop - where it is immediately responsive to lighting changes in app. Laptop can correctly run all the lighting settings except for Video Lighting (old machine). So the problem is clearly with my newly built desktop. -A different Corsair device, the Lighting Node Pro works fine in iCUE on desktop (LED strips responding immediately to lighting profile changes). So the problem is just with the LS100 on my new desktop. -In order to troubleshoot this I have tried: Flashing motherboard BIOS to latest version. Updating all hardware drivers. Full OS reinstall including formatting hard drive so I have literally nothing installed but Windows and iCUE. Have submitted system log reports to Corsair Support team. -I have seen people mention conflicts with Nvidia and GSync, how do I explore this?
  4. I've just finished installing the LS100 starter kit on my Asus monitor. Bit fiddly to get everything mounted but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Anyways, I jumped into Horizon: Zero Dawn with the video lighting effect turned on (which is the reason I bought the LS100 in the first place). I usually get between 80-100FPS in that game at 1440p, with everything set to Ultra on my RTX 3070. However, when playing with video lighting enabled, my FPS hovers around 60-70 instead. I know, still technically playable, but my monitor is 165Hz so the drop is very noticeable. If I alt tab out and switch to a different lighting mode (e.g static), my FPS goes back to normal. I've tried out a couple of other games, such as The Outer Worlds and NieR: Automata, but they don't seem to be having the same obvious performance issues as Horizon. I don't seem to be having the same CPU usage issues that others are experiencing - iCue sits around 1-2% of use on my i7-10700K. G-Sync appears to be working normally too. This is quite disappointing as video lighting really is a nice effect to have and is the main reason I got the LS100. Hoping someone knows a way to work around this?
  5. Hi, I have Multiple Kits of the LS100, and a set of LT100. I cant get the video lighting to work. i have 2 1080p Monitors and a 1440p Main monitor. They all show up in icue, but when set to video lighting they do absolutely nothing. I checked the logs and it appears the screen capture is not working, does anyone have any solutions. Ive tried running as admin, fresh reinstall etc but nothing works. This is the error i get in the logs " 2020-10-10T14:51:29 I cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Restarting screen capture because ScreenCapture::GetLastError() is: ScreenCapture::ErrorCode("InvalidArg") 2020-10-10T14:51:29 C cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Failed to start screen capture routine 2020-10-10T14:51:31 I cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Restarting screen capture because ScreenCapture::GetLastError() is: ScreenCapture::ErrorCode("InvalidArg") 2020-10-10T14:51:31 C cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Failed to start screen capture routine 2020-10-10T14:51:32 I cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Restarting screen capture because ScreenCapture::GetLastError() is: ScreenCapture::ErrorCode("InvalidArg") 2020-10-10T14:51:32 C cue.screen_capture.impl_win32: Failed to start screen capture routine " log.zip
  6. Does anyone happen to know what causes the video lighting mode to crash or stop responding to color changes when using the LS100 light strips? Yesterday it stopped changing colors all morning, at seemingly random intervals of anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Today I have been using my computer in the exact same capacity with the exact same applications, and it hasn't stopped working once. Aside from a few other issues with certain modes, etc, the light strips are of high quality and are working fairly well in my configuration (still getting that darn USB disconnect sound upon every Windows boot up) but if possible I would like to know when to use or not bother using video lighting.
  7. I've been getting lag only with video lighting enabled on iCUE :nono: It's been mentioned before but I haven't come across any solutions! I bought this thing because I saw it could be played with games, please help me :confused: thank you
  8. I have 3 displays. The only monitor that video lighting seems to work on is monitor 2. The software does nothing for Display 1 or 3. Did I miss something? On a side note, don't bother buying the LS100 if you have a curved monitor. You'll end up having to use tape to get it to stick on. Update: I can get monitors 1 and 2. My main happens to be monitor 3, which will not work with the video lighting. Monitors 1 and 2 are 1920x1080, Monitor 3 is 3440x1440. That might help a little more Update 2. 100% sure the resolution is the issue. If I set my main monitor to 1920x1080, video lighting will work. When I go to 3440 x 1440, it turns off. So now I guess I wait for an update.
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