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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone, We've got a new PCIe 4.0 riser cable for those of you would like to vertically mount your GPU and showcase its aesthetics. Here are a few quick highlights: Harness the full power of PCIe 4.0 x16 offered by modern GPUs, and achieve maximum FPS With a cable length of 300mm and 90° PCIe connector that minimizes cable strain, the setup process of vertically mounting your GPU in compatible cases couldn't be easier Equipped with EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding, you'll be receiving maximum performance and won't have to worry about signal interference Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick FAQ down below: Q: Which GPUs utilize PCIe 4.0? A: AMD's RX 5000 Series and newer, as well as NVIDIA's 30 Series and newer, all utilize PCIe 4.0. Q: Which cases support vertical GPU mounting? A: A quick list of our cases that support vertical GPU mounting is below. You would need to reference how many slots your GPU utilizes. Example - 4080/4090 FE are both 3-slot cards.
  2. I'm looking to vertically mount my evga rtx 3070 ti ftw3 in my 4000D airflow and I would like to know if anyone knows if that's possible. I've been hearing that the gpu will overheat because it will be so close to the side panel but I've been looking at angled vertical mounts and the one I found was made by ezDIY. It's the ezDIY-FAB Multi-Angle and I was wondering if anyone got experience with it and if it will work/fit in the 4000D airflow.
  3. Hi, in these cases is possible the vertical GPU mounting ? - Case Mid-Tower Obsidian Series 500D RGB SE Premium - Smart case Crystal Series ATX 680X RGB Corsair produces a flat Ultra PCIe 4.0 X16 cable ? Seems not, or I am wrong ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Is it possible to remove the whole bracket from the case so I can make it easier to put a vertical mount in place Thnx for helping And giving me options.
  5. Hi guys. I want to vertical mount my aorus 2080 TI Xtreme but obviously the built in mount is very close to the glass so was looking at cablemods vertical mount. It does say that the card length woll be extended by approx 3.1cm but it doesn't give you how how much clearance from the back of the case is required so not sure if it woll clear my ram stocks or not. Does anyone have a vertical mount installed in the 500d/se and did you have any problems? Thanks in advance Nathan
  6. Hi all, I like to share my Corsair 1000D build with you guys. I learned a lot from the kind folks on this forum. So I like to share my experience as well, since I ran in some trouble along the way. Note that it is still work in progress since currently I'm awaiting parts. For my main system I even have to wait until September/October. I bought the case in May 2019 when I saw a build being done on Paul's Hardware (youtube). I fell in love with it in an instance, since I really dig the glass and brushed alu. My previous case was a Phanteks Enthoo Primo, so the size of the Corsair didn't scare me that much. But I never really used the space of that case. But holly, the size of the box it came in was huge :eek: Initially I had no clue what to do with it, I wanted a water cooled system for a very long time and as this case being way oversized, I now definitly needed something to fill up all that space :-) Thanks to Zotty I knew what to do with the RGB lightning and how to connect all the stuff. So I ordered 8 ML120 pro's for the front, 3 ML140 pro's for the top, and a Corsair RGB LED Lightning PRO expansion kit. Although I'm not so sure where to put the LED strips yet. I think I'll use only three, bottom, top, and in the back of the case. Currently the only system that is in there to stay is a my FreeNAS consisting of: ASRock Gaming-ITX/ac AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Corsair 16GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 Corsair SF Series SF450 SSD PM961 128GB NVMe 2 3x WD Red 3TB My main workstation/gaming rig (which is old): Asus MAXIMUS VII RANGER Intel Core i7-4790K, 4GHz Corsair 16GB Vengeance DDR3 1TB Samsung 950 pro Nvidia 2080 ti (recently added) I will replace this system with an AMD build in September/October when the 3950X 16-core comes out. What I will buy (I think): Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula (with EKWB waterblock integrated) AMD 3950X 16-core Corsair 32GB Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 Samsung NVMe SSD 970 Evo 1TB M.2 The memory I have already bought, since it seems the prices will start to climb again, so I got these cheap (I hope). Maybe the system is a bit overkill, but since my current system is 5 years old, I plan to use this for a long time as well. I mainly use the rig for gaming, but when working from home, I use it as a workstation. For the water cooling I have ordered: two EK-CoolStream PE 480 Radiator (front mounted) one EK-CoolStream SE 420 (top mounted) two EK-D5 PWM G2 pumps EK-ACF Black Nickel fittings/splitter/ball valves/extenders two Heatkiller Tube 200 D5 A Heatkiller RTX 2080 TI acryl Ni RGB GPU block A Heatkiller RTX 2080 TI backplate A Heatkiller IV Pro Copper Ni CPU block Since this will be my first custom water loop build I will start with soft tubing. I like the looks of hard tubing, but I'm not ready yet :confused: So maybe in a couple of years I will redo the loop in hard tubing. But I must say that I have seen plenty of soft tubing loops which are very nice. I will use clear liquid, so no pastels or color additions, and clear tubing. I will go for a dual loop, one for the CPU (top radiator) and one for the GPU two front radiators. So far I have mounted the radiators and the fans. but I'm waiting on the non EK parts which will arrive at Thuesday hopefully. Before mounting the radiators I had the fans hooked up and running on the Light Nodes with help of a Thermaltake 10-way PWM splitter. It looked really good when all fans are hooked up. Running the silent profile and it is really quiet. My 2080 ti and Noctua block are way more noissy. The biggest problem I have had so far was mounting the GPU vertically, I use a Phanteks 220mm premium shielded high speed PCI-E X16 riser cable b.t.w. I really think that Corsair could have tested this a bit more and use the ample space available a bit better to give it a bit more wiggle room. The first thing I ran into was the clearance you have available between a vertical mounted PCI card and the ITX system. I used the default AMD cooler, a Wraith Stealth. But this cooler, although not very large, just was about 2 cm's (or about an inch) too high. After some measurements the clearance seems to be about 35mm. So initially my thoughts where to have two CPU's in my CPU loop. But I instead decided to buy a Corsair H100i RGB platinum. After some Googling I found that it was about 32mm high (why Corsair, do you not mention this on your site :confused:, so it was a bit of a gamble buying the H100i. Well, now the clearance between riser cable/GPU and pump block was fine, but how the heck does a Corsair product not fit a Corsair product! What ever I tried, I could not for the live of me fit the radiator at the back. The PCI slots are just about 1mm to high. So the radiator just won't fit between the top rail for the tray and the PCI brackets. The way I have solved it now is putting the fans at the back so they provide enough to offset the radiator. But of coarse I wanted to have the fans on the inside since I now don't see the pretty RGB lights from those fans, and instead could have bought a non-RGB h100 :S Maybe I will come up with another way to mount the GPU vertically. I'm thinking on buying either a vertical mount GPU kit and with a dremel remove some material to redo the mount. I really want the GPU to be a bit more to the front any way. But that will be somewhere in September then when I put the new stuff in. Currently, I have the following list of things I would like to do: Create sleeved extensions for the fans (RBG and PWM) Reconnect all fans and RGB lightning Create sleeved ATX-24/8/4 pin power supply cables for both systems Create sleeved PCI-E 8 pin cables for the GPU Sleeve the front pannel cables. Maybe I will take out the front panel for this (any one know how to do this?) Sleeve my SATA data cables Install the CPU water cooling loop Install the GPU water cooling loop Maybe move the vertically mounted GPU a bit more to the front and thus redo the bracket system some how. Clean up the messy cable management, thank God for the French doors at the back and probably more as I go The sleeving I will do myself with MDPC-X sleeving and will be a combination of carbon-bti and blue-carbon sleeves since my main RGB color will be blue. Never done this before, so I'm the most woried about this part. But I really like to do this myself to have the correct lenghts and color combinations I want. I figure it is about or less expensive than buying them, and half the fun (frustration :-). This will all take me some time since I can only spend a few hours a week on this stuff due to work/kids/wife/etc. needing my attention as well (no I don't mind any of these :-). When I start sleeving the PSU cables I might replace my 6-year old Seasonic 850W PSU with a Corsair HXi850. This also allows me to keep the old system running while I make the sleeved cables and test them before connecting them to my system. I'll keep posting when I get more done. Some pictures as of what I got at the moment (open heart surgery here). Don't mind the kid's toys.
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