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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I would like to disable the service that detects RAM in iCue because I have old RGB Vengeance modules witch work perfectly fine in Aura but when I start iCue the modules get laggy aura bugs and eventually crashes. I think that a simpel plugin would be able to disable the modules but I didn't find one yet. I know it is an old product that has been replaced with the Vengeance Pro but please just disabling the detection of the RAM would help because after I put my PC in sleep sometimes iCue doesn't detect my ram or states a red mark next to it (making it uncontrollable in iCue but controllable in Aura) so I think it maybe is possible. Regards, Louis
  2. Hey, Long time Corsair customer, re-seller and system builder here. I bought a set of CORSAIR Vengeance RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3333MHz C16 on Amazon for $460 nearly a year ago with the intent of buying more a couple months down the line. But this has proven to be difficult and problematic with stock going in and out and prices going up. I had wanted to go to quad channel before the 2080 Ti Launch. Fast forward to today and since buying that memory the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro line was released which I would of preferred to begin with, but it is what it is. They appear to be the same specs, aside from Cooler / RGB Difference, Is this true? Would love to know for sure. But here's my problem, memory prices have fallen across the entire sector, except for the original Corsair Vengeance RGB Line. It's nearly twice the price of the Pro line in some cases. Currently on NewEgg SKU CMR32GX4M2C3333C16 VENGEANCE® RGB 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3333MHz C16 Memory Kit NewEgg - $495.95 Amazon - $479.00 Corsair - $394.99 (out of stock) And the newer model with seemingly exact same specs except RBG difference. SKU CMW32GX4M2C3333C16 VENGEANCE® RGB PRO 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3333MHz C16 Memory Kit — Black NewEgg - $269.99 (out of stock) Amazon - Unavailable Corsair - $299.99 (out of stock) It comes in and out of stock on NewEgg occasionally and I could nab a set for $269.99 versus $495 and from what I can tell the only difference is the heatsink and RGB. I'd rather not pay a premium of $225 for non pro, older style ram just to have a matching look. I could almost buy two sets of Vengeance Pro for $44 more at that price. Even if I caught it being in stock at Corsair, it's a $95 price difference over the Pro, which is the newer model. Since this is a Corsair build in a Custom painted Obsidian 900D with 14 Corsair ML120 Fans I was trying my best to keep everything Corsair where I could but this is frustrating. I've been trying to finish this build for a long time to show case it in time for PAX East. Ironically 2 fans have started to fail and now I'm trying to get replacements for those. I'm trying to buy another set, so I can RMA the dying pair but even that has been tricky without buying a 3 pack with fan controller. I could just RMA them send them and wait, but with water cooling its alot of work just to get to the fan mounts and i'd rather not take apart the loops twice. In an ideal world I'd have all the memory slots filled but i'm just trying to at least get to 4. I'm just at wits end :eek:, Does anyone have any suggestions or am I the only one caught in the void between memory the Vengeance RGB to Vengeance RGB Pro
  3. Hi all, So I just upgraded my Ryzen system from 1700X + Asrock AB350 ITX Gaming to 2700X + MSI B450M Mortar. The issue with my memory kit (CMR16GX4M2C300015) is that, on default (system standby, first boot, shutting down) only the right side of the memory lights up. It's not until I turned on iCUE then both memory module lights up. There's some issue as well with how the memory is detected. On the BIOS, both memory modules is detected as 16GB, but on the BIOS component visual map, only the right side is displayed, while the first memory bank is empty. On CPUID, there's only one memory module displayed, while on the old Asrock AB350 ITX Gaming, it shows two memory module displayed. So I searched around and found out a similar issue with G.Skill Trident Z module that stated conflict between the motherboard RGB application and other RGB controller application. In my case, I installed MSI Mystic lights from the get go because I don't like RGB, and the only way to turn off the motherboard RGB light is from the windows app (can't be turned off from the BIOS). In the same time, iCUE also running from the get go. I use one LL120 on exhaust set to display processor temperature. I don't know if it's related, but one of the forum topic I found is that we can fix it through using Thaiphoon Burner, an app that is able to write the memory module EEPROM. Sadly that ability is only available for the paid version, the free version is only able to read XMP profile and do a CRC check. I did check the CRC and found the first bank module has a CRC error on it. Is there a way to fix it without buying Thaiphoon Burner and basically voiding my warranty if I want to fix it myself?
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