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Found 6 results

  1. HI, I bougth 3 LL120 with Ligthning node pro and 2 stick of RAM Vengeance Pro (2x32Gb). It was a great error. Lightning control is very difficult. My problems: 1) LL120 can be controlled only by Links (Aura works sometimes but a lot of times doesn't see the devices, ICUE install and opens but doesn't detect any device -> years of device not detected ... maybe is the time to correct the issue). 2) Vengeance not detected by links or iCue and in this way not controllable at all. The question is: Is there a solution? Maybe someone could think no, you have hardware conflict, incompatibiliy and so on but ... BUT ... OPENRGB sees all devices perfectly and allows to manage fans and ram perfectly. This program create only basic effects and I would like to use iCue. Why don't you fix your bugs? Regards, Luca PS OpenRgb is written by an enthusiast programmer not payed. Do you understand?
  2. Hello, This is regarding Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro After the update to v 3.5.111 from 3.4.95 Before I was able to set one dimm to sequential and the LED effect will have same speed as before. After the update the LED speed will slow down a lot and look kinda laggy unless all 4 dimms runs sequential mode. I liked the when it ran fast, because I could do some awesome effects where each dimm had it's own sequential effect and it will just look cool. You can find a video I recorded of the "laggy" effect here -> https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNpSl_wmAzrEmGH-U42xSznxZl2XQR2MlDxCZ7gr7NhN62rvBTWyRJf3jgMROnp1Q?key=WnVDdVdwaWdTQVppTjNuXzB5NmRDWFpuZzB5d3dB It's actually so bad (not recorded in the video) that when I use sequential on dimm 1&2 and new sequential 3&4 then dimm 2&3 are out of sync of each other. In the previous version they both ran smooth as **** and visually in sync.
  3. Hello, I noticed that my RAM LEDs are not controlable in the ICue Software. So i tried fixing it by myself, but restart und even a new ICue installation didn´t helped. In the ICue Software i was able to use them as always and i could see every DIMM. It just did not change the Color. I am using Icue 3.10.125 and my RAM Firmware 0.95.51(wich is interresting, cause the RAM says it wants to update to 0.96.57 but it immediatly says update to 0.95.51 after i confirm the update) Anyways i hope you Guys can help me out. Maybe i just need a Firmware Image?
  4. Hello all, just put together a new pc today and its have no complaints, except one, and thats with a problem im having with iCue and my ram. My corsair water cooler shows up just fine in the software, but my Vengeance Pro RGB ram does not. Ive tried possible solutions like removing the gigabyte aorus software(complete joke of a program) and making sure that SPD write is enabled in the bios. But have had no success. My motherboard is an evga z370 ftw if this helps. The ram looks awesome in the rainbow, but I also want to customize it. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!
  5. Hey, I have 2 issues with my Vengeance Pro RAM. One being maybe a motherboard issue, not sure. I have an Asus z370-E and I set the ErP setting to S5 Mode already which in my understanding should prevent the RAM from being lit up in Power Saving Mode, yet it does not and I'd like it to be turned off as well. Second one is one of my two RAM sticks is always asynchronous to the other. Not sure if this might just be me being stupid but I thought I'd rather ask as I couldnt figure it out yet. Firmware of everything is up to date.
  6. I need to know this before I spend $400 on 4 ram sticks: Will the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO RAM be added to CUE SDK? Also if you have the time: Will the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO RAM be sold in 4GB modules? Will the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO RAM receive updates for it's integrated RGB controller(e.i. more cool effects)?
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