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Found 12 results

  1. My build is in both my forum profile and also here on pcpartpicker ( https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Gadolinium/saved/6fkVwP ) Looked around on some other forum posts on this issue, and even one person just gave up from the looks of it. I've got ab4x8G kit of Vengeance Pro RGB, and the 4 channels/sticks are out sync with eachother. Just looking at all 4 sticks set to marquee, I can watch the effect start off in-sync, but then over time, they will be all out of order with eachother. EDIT: Minor spelling issues. Want to add that the out-of-sync issue happens on ALL effects. iCue's preview always looks okay, but the effects will slowly go out of sync between the RAM sticks themselves. Even setting it to software-controlled has problems.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm in the process of buying parts for my first custom PC build. I'm using it primarily for gaming so I purchased the Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x16GB @3200MHz on Amazon. This is where things get tricky, they sent me two boxes, so instead of having 2x16, I now have 2 2X16. Can I install them both in my MOBO and be alright? I heard that RAM doesn't always play nice if it's not the same set? Thanks for the help and let me know if I missed anything in the explanation that would be helpful
  3. Hey, ich habe seit etwas längerem schon das Problem, dass mein RAM flackert. Dabei verschwindet in einem kleinen Teil des Riegels entweder komplett die Farbe oder es taucht eine andere auf. Vollständiger Softwarekontrolle ist aktiviert. Im Anhang ist noch ein Video davon, ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M_kAjZBnNLxnvN1CHbOlsNxHHcZoHjZe/view?usp=sharing MfG, Leon
  4. Absolutely brand new build. Corsair galore in this rig! Loving it! 2 questions: 1. I have 4 x 8gb Vengeance RGP Pro DDR4 3200 memory in there. They are all showing up, in the BIOS (ASUS x570 Prime-Pro mobo) as 2199 vs 3200. Why is that? I'm concurrently checking on ASUS' page too. Thought I'd check here too. 2. iCUE is showing the memory "out of order" it appears. In the software: If I click the 1st one, the third one lights up. If I click 2nd one, the first one lights up. If I click the 3rd one, the fourth one lights up. If I click the 4th one, the second one lights up. I can post a screenshot if my explanation is confusing. Is there a way to fix this without rearranging the memory? I'm honestly not sure if that will even fix it. Thanks all!!
  5. Bonjour, bonsoir Suite au montage de mes 4 barrettes ram de chez corsair vengeance rgb pro, j'ai voulu personnalisé ces dernières sur le logiciel iCUE mais j'ai rencontré un petit problèmes :sigh!:. En effet, les barrettes ne sont pas reconnues dans le bonne ordre (voir pièce jointe) cela n'est pas très dérangeant quand les couleurs sont fixes mais avec ondulation arc en ciel et j'en passe c'est vraiment horrible. C'est pour cela que je suis ici, alors si quelqu'un trouverai une solution à mon problème je lui serait bien reconnaissant;): Merci d'avance !
  6. Hello, I intend to change my box for the 465x rgb, but I am not sure that my AIO h100i and my ram corsair vengeance pro rgb fit on top, does anyone have any idea if I could mount such a configuration ?, Any suggestion of a box that fits this configuration?, I come from the 780t and I would like a box a little smaller, thanks.
  7. Here's my problem: Every time I boot my PC the Vengeance Pro lighting will stay at default rainbow cycling effect, whereas the K70 will automatically load my lighting profile when iCue has loaded. Upon going into iCue I'm presented with a red exclamation mark in a triangle ❗ warning next to the Vengeance Pro image and can't select the RAM at all until I either close the program from the taskbar and restart it, or force update the firmware from the 'settings' menu in iCue, both of which aren't ideal as I expect this to work without having to mess around with it every time I boot. The other strange thing is that in CPU-Z, HWIFNO, and my motherboard BIOS SPD info section, DIMM 4 shows up as 'unknown' whereas the other three DIMMs all show up with the product number and 'Corsair' as the manufacturer. All four sticks are showing as 32GB in Windows and at the rated speed so there doesn't seem to be a problem there, and I've also done a clean install of Windows as Aura was playing up again anyway becasue it's been a terrible piece of software from day one, and still isn't working right ;(, but the problem with the RAM is still presenting itself. Do you have any idea why this is happening and is there anything I can do to get it all working as it was up until about a month ago? Nothing has changed in my setup since building it about a year ago, as in, I've added no new hardware, and the only thing to change would be standard driver updates to Windows and Nvidia etc., so it's odd that this problem should present out of the blue – and even though everything seems to be working normally, if that DIMM isn't showing up in monitoring software or BIOS then maybe it's not working to its full capacity. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated :D
  8. While swapping out my GPU last night, I ended up having to forcibly power down my computer, and while doing so (holding the power button) I must have done something wrong or held the power button down too long because the pc blinked off then on extremely fast. I noticed that my RAM lights had turned off. I decided to ignore this at first, thinking it must not be too big of a problem and it would all be fixed after I installed the GPU drivers and restarted my computer. I did so, and after the restart, nothing turned on, I went into ICUE like before and tried instant lighting, and directly changing the lighting on the RAM to no avail. I don't think this is a problem with aura, because I've had it on my computer before with no such problem, and the lights on the DIMMs went out before the computer went through the boot. I would like to avoid RMA (if it is even an option) but I am not 100% against doing so.
  9. Hello, I recently bought a bunch of new PC parts (Everything is listed in my profile) including 2 Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM sticks. I recently tried to control the RGB of the RAM with the iCUE software, but it doesn't detect the RGB for some reason. I also went ahead and deinstalled Asus Aura, then deinstalled iCue, restarted and installed iCue again, hoping that that'd fix it, but no. I don't really know any other way to fix it, especially as I can't find "ESP Write" in my BIOs anywhere and I also can't find anyone with similar specs as I have (At least not yet). I hope someone can help me on here, because my friends and I are pretty much clueless at this point. Edit: Forgot to mention that the RGB itself is working (Rainbow) but I can't configure it through the software as it isn't showing up
  10. iCue has been working fantastically for when when open (both in fore/background), but when closed, it does a few strange things. 1. During boot up, my default color scheme for my case lights, RAM, CPU cooler, etc., are all rainbow wave. The rainbow wave on my case fans (x6 HD120's) is indeed rainbow wave, but a solid color wave instead of like 4 colors at the same time. When I open iCue, it corrects to what I think is the 'standard' rainbow wave (multiple colors simultaneously). When I check what is set to the hardware profile on my commander pro, it shows rainbow wave and lights up to the 'standard'. Not sure why it's different when iCue is open vs closed, anyone have input? 2. During boot, my RAM should be set to rainbow wave, and it is, but near the end of the startup when windows fully loads they lose sync. Still doing a rainbow wave, but no longer a clean progression through the 4 sticks of RAM as 1-2 sticks will completely lose sync. Problem completely resolves itself when iCue is opened, but is frustrating. 3. My last question is more of a check, but is it normal for the case to light up briefly, then go dark for a second before booting up like normal after disconnecting your PSU from power? Only happens on the first boot following disconnecting from power. Thank you for any help you can give, most of this is basic and doesn't affect the PC in an overly negative way (and they're easily worked around), they just irk me as they should be working properly without issue.
  11. Heyo, I recently finished my build a few weeks ago and I've been encountering a weird problem with my RAM lighting. Everything works fine until sometimes after Windows goes into hibernate. While hibernating, the LEDs in the RAM (and the rest of my lighting) turn off (which is fine), but then when the PC wakes back up, the RAM LEDs get stuck on whatever color they were set to last, and refuse to change until a system reboot. When I had moving lighting effects on (like the default Rainbow Wave), the LEDs get stuck in whatever pattern they were in last (i.e. at the moment I'm typing this, they froze while transitioning from purple to blue). What's weird is that unlike in the other posts I've been reading, iCUE (v3.9.93) still recognizes the RAM is there and is detecting temps and clock speeds; it also shows the firmware version (v0.95.51). When I change the colors in iCUE, the program shows the lighting effects as if they got applied, but the LEDs don't change. I've tried doing firmware updates (though they sometimes hang, even when the problem isn't occurring, but that would probably be for a separate thread), re-seating, and restarting the iCUE service, but the only fix I've found is a system restart. I haven't tried anything in the BIOS yet (it's probably version 1412; will do an update after submitting the thread). I also have ASUS Aura Sync and Corsair Link installed, but neither of those are running when the problem occurs.
  12. Hello all, just put together a new pc today and its have no complaints, except one, and thats with a problem im having with iCue and my ram. My corsair water cooler shows up just fine in the software, but my Vengeance Pro RGB ram does not. Ive tried possible solutions like removing the gigabyte aorus software(complete joke of a program) and making sure that SPD write is enabled in the bios. But have had no success. My motherboard is an evga z370 ftw if this helps. The ram looks awesome in the rainbow, but I also want to customize it. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!
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